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All Witness the Effect of Four Margaritas
Tam & Shan (a.k.a. The Love Varmint, The Varmint or Clown Boy) whooping it up, Mexico-style in September 2005 at Zac and Rach's wed-dang. Notice the tequila-glazed eyes? The Terrible Tiki shirt? How 'bout the love? Can you feel THE... Read more >
Braincation - Troncones, Mexico
Brain-ca-tion (pronunciation: brayn-kay-shun) - definition: A mental respite, time of inactivity, day dreaming or wishing you were somewhere else, usually caused by an abundance of stress. Troncones, Mexico. Shot September, 2005.  Copyright 2005 - Vivimedia... Read more >
Drink Like an Egyptian
If you're old enough to remember the U.S. King Tut Tour from the '70s, you likely remember the utter mayhem surrounding the event - and the resulting Egyptian-inspired crapola, including "gold"-dipped costume jewelry in the shape of ankhs and badly... Read more >
Braincation - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amsterdam, Netherlands - June 2005. The largest mobile ferris wheel in the world. Care for a ride?  Copyright 2005, Vivimedia.... Read more >
Snapshot - Joshua Tree
2006 has started blue. Blue in a post-holiday emptiness sort of way. Blue in a reflective, daydreamy kind of way. A bracing, windy, try-to-steal-your-tent kind of blue. Blue of the impending storm. Blue lips and bruised fingers. 2006 feels like... Read more >
Rocking Out on New Year's Eve
I've come to the conclusion that very few people over 30 actually look forward to New Year's Eve. We're wiser and cagier than we were in our twenties. Hangover avoidance has actually managed to burrow it's way into our natural... Read more >
Snapshot - In Lieu of Fireworks
 Yesterday, I was asked two interesting questions. 1) Did I miss seeing fireworks on New Year's Eve? After all, we were out in the middle of the desert... And 2) Have I taken down my holiday tree yet? This picture,... Read more >
Arne, Tam, Tini & The Varmint Do Palm Springs
I don't know what the deal is with my family, but we seem to have a certain affection for European folks and Germans in particular. My dad's first wife was German. The 'rents best friends for more than 40 years... Read more >
Snapshot - Palm Springs Tram
This shot looks like it was taken from the top of the world, but was taken at the top of the Palm Springs Tram instead. If you get a chance to ride the tram, take it. The lodge has some... Read more >
Dining Habits Courtesy of Auntie Tam
The Varmint and I scurried northward to Santa Barbara for a weekend getaway and family celebration. My little niece Livia was celebrating her first birthday. The party, appropriately, was held at the SB Zoo. Overall the weekend was a good... Read more >
Head for the Hills
It's not everyone's idea of a good time. Heading to a mountain top getaway with three attention mongering kids (ages 1, 3 and 37), an iron-fisted Brazilian, a German shepherd, a rip-snoring Varmint and a gassy pregnant chick may even... Read more >
Hot + Dry in Anza Borrego
It was time once again for the gang (this year - Jen, Deb, Tam, Greg, Soph and Ethan) to hit the great, stark and sandy to see any changes in the last year. Answer: Not many. The late, light rains... Read more >
Looking for Denmark in Southern California
 The Varmint and I have a thing for good design with our tiny little Habitrail house. I guess that's good, being as we design things for a living, but it's also a little brutal on the pocketbook when shopping for... Read more >
L.A. Update
 A few of you emailed wanting to know whether or not we'd managed to find furniture with my friend Jac in Los Angeles. The answer is no. Sadly, we did not. I did salivate over a lovely vintage marble coffee... Read more >
Surf Safari to Nicaragua
Tomorrow evening the Varmint will scuttle from his burrow, nose pointed southeast, surfboards firmly under forepaw. He and his salty crew of bewhiskered scalywags are heading to the tropical climes of Nicaragua for a week of wavehunting and manly bonding.... Read more >
See This?
 See this? At first glance, you might think it likely that, given the facial hair, it could be attached to something like this:           But you'd be wrong. Because what it's REALLY attached to is this . . .    Which is... Read more >
Return of the Conquering Hero
The Varmint returned yesterday, exhausted, stingray welted, bescabbed, aching, sore - and well-pleased with himself, his friends (see pic) and his entire Nicaraguan adventure. After staying up all night sharing pictures and gabbing, we crashed for a few hours, woke up,... Read more >
Big Furry Trees and Moonlight
We have a longtime tradition of ringing in the new year with big furry trees and moonlight with 20+ friends. The exodus to Joshua Tree begins shortly after Christmas and continues to New Year's Day. There we camp en masse,... Read more >
Our Seattle See-Gawk
Maybe it was the thought of flying with a baby that did it, or the waist-high pile of work sitting atop my desk, but I must confess that the idea of hitting the vacation circuit for a week-long sojourn to... Read more >
Good Times Had by All
PART I :: THE SAN JUANSRolling forest. Open meadows. Wildflowers, wild things. Black fox. Red fox. Thunderstorms and hot tubs. Red wine. Good books. Old friends. Blue dragonflies. Purple aromatic lavender. Salty sea spray. Kayaking with orcas. Bald eagles. Bright... Read more >
Roadtrip to Julian
Sitting still is good for the mind. So says meditators, intellectuals, Buddhists and other deeply contemplative types. I, however, suck at it. I'm a mover; restless, easily bored, driven to distraction, usually over-energized. As Deb says, "You're the kind of... Read more >
I am a writer and lazy artist who loves travel, architecture and design. Right now, I'm into photography. My fabulous husband (a.k.a. The Varmint) and I are also the principals of a San Diego-based creative agency - and new parents to the divine Baby Mak. Read More >