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The Firecracker Starfish Experience
It's pretty safe to assume that if you're from San Diego, traveling to Boise, Idaho implies you have a fairly compelling reason for going. I've made many trips to Boise, each with the same, extremely compelling purpose: Reconnecting with my... Read more >
Snapshot - The Ubershopper
Meet the Ubershopper. Notice the single-minded intensity. The steely look in her eyes. She will fling your sorry ass across the room if you dare to grab that classic crocodile purse on double markdown that she's had her eye on.... Read more >
Revenge Will Be Mine
It was my birthday last Friday. Frankly, I was just pleased to be upright, able to control my sphinctre, relatively pain-free and out of the house. (What more could one ask for at any age, really?) Birthdays never freak me... Read more >
Noah and the Flood
 This is Noah. Noah lives in Smell-ay. He is the son of my good friend Jacqueline. Noah is also a rock star in training. Sunday morning. Noah sits in front of his breakfast. Suddenly, his small body convulses and he... Read more >
Hey, Hey, Hey - It's Sally J
This is a picture of Sally playing with my niece, Livia. I took this picture about five minutes after she arrived at my house on Saturday from the airport. Sally's also known to my friends and family as Sal,... Read more >
The Shoppinator
The Sallivator goes home today. And not unlike like the Vikings, she takes with her a boatful of loot she pillaged from the unsuspecting and arrogant village of La Jolla. Yep, The Jewel by the Sea has been looted and... Read more >
One for the Record Books
You know how sometimes, you go sniffing around for something, say in a closet - or, perhaps a garage that you happened to accidentally be cleaning one nameless Saturday because you realized there was so much shit in said garage... Read more >
Pre-Holiday Holidays with My Other Family
 They say there is the family you live with and then there is the family you choose. "They" forget that there is also the family you've spent so much of your life with that you have no choice but to... Read more >
Further Props to The Varmint
I have to take a moment to thank the unsung hero of last night, my husband, The Varmint, who valiantly and without heed to his personal welfare cleaned up the bathroom after it was summarily destroyed by... someone. [ For... Read more >
The Book Club Coup
You get strange reactions from people when you tell them you're in a book club. Usually they nod, smile politely and say something like, "Oh really?" Meanwhile you can see that mentally, they've squealed-out. They quickly change the topic in... Read more >
Spring Shearing
Welcome, first days of Spring! Oh, how you make us women do crazy, crazy things - such as cut our hair clean off in an enthusiastic spring shearing. Some of us even do it for a good cause. Take Jenny... Read more >
A Phew! and a Pfffft!
Jen, one of my best friends in the whole world, just got out of surgery on Friday. I spent much of the day with my ass cheeks clenched, waiting for news as to how it all went. Ironically, I was... Read more >
Girls' Day Out: Laguna Beach
Deb has been OTV (on the verge) for a couple of weeks, now. So when she asked for a little getaway, Jen and I took her seriously: You don't mess around when a mother of two is threatening to leave... Read more >
Snapshot - The Hot Dog
I initially titled this shot "Easy Rider". [Peter Fonda, eat your heart out.] Now, I have to call it Ride of The Hot Dog.Jenny saw the picture, zeroed in on The Varmint's luxurious neck roll and said three words which... Read more >
Looking for Denmark in Southern California
 The Varmint and I have a thing for good design with our tiny little Habitrail house. I guess that's good, being as we design things for a living, but it's also a little brutal on the pocketbook when shopping for... Read more >
I Hate Baby Showers
Fact: I loathe baby showers. No, really. Pretty much everything about them. From the horrible little games (The "Sniff the Diaper" Game, anyone?! I'm all for fecal humor, but to waste perfectly good chocolate like that?) to the endless "Awwww!"s... Read more >
L.A. Update
 A few of you emailed wanting to know whether or not we'd managed to find furniture with my friend Jac in Los Angeles. The answer is no. Sadly, we did not. I did salivate over a lovely vintage marble coffee... Read more >
Welcome to the Apocalypse
 WELCOME to the APOCALYPSE! Tam and Shan are breeding!That was the opening line on the baby shower invitation. So I guess I should have expected what was coming. The only two activities outside of eating (street-style Mexican tacos) and drinking... Read more >
Return of the Conquering Hero
The Varmint returned yesterday, exhausted, stingray welted, bescabbed, aching, sore - and well-pleased with himself, his friends (see pic) and his entire Nicaraguan adventure. After staying up all night sharing pictures and gabbing, we crashed for a few hours, woke up,... Read more >
A Move, A Reunion + A Big Kaboom
 Part Two: The ReunionThe Clairemont High School Class of 1986 celebrated its 20-year reunion this past weekend. Technically, I graduated with the Class of 1985, but my age and friends were all 1986, so I received an honorary invitation. I... Read more >
Take a Seat, Baby
I am constantly amazed at the volume of crap it takes to raise a kid without going insane - play gyms, toys, chairs, seats, saucers, bouncers, wheelies... People fret about feeding, clothing and educating their rugrats, but few people give... Read more >
Better Than Caffeine
Yesterday was Friday, but definitely not the TGIF-kind. It was more like ACIF - Aw, Crap It's Friday. My mom, whose various diverse personalities are also known respectively as The Kansas Farmgirl, The Opera Diva and Madame Cluck-Cluck, was gravely... Read more >
Happy 40th Jen!
It's one thing when you turn 40. It's a whole new thing when your friends do.Jen remains, despite 6 years of co-habitation with The Varmint, my longest-running roommate. She and I have been friends since 1980 - that's 28 years... Read more >
The Varmint in Charge
See this? This photo was just sent to us by a friend. It details events that occurred prior to my arrival at a certain birthday party this past weekend. Where my fully dressed baby girl rolled around in a giant... Read more >
Wanna Get Lucky?
This is a pic of my good friend Christy. Christy is what I like to call an Ameri-Brit. She's American, but being married to and hanging out with Brits has given her a fine, shiny lustre much coveted by American... Read more >
Goin' Retro
Deb_1970" width="75" height="75" />
Every once in awhile, you find a website that is hugely addictive - and hilarious. YearbookYourself.com is that site - where you take a picture of yourself and see what you would have looked like in different eras, using old... Read more >
Megan & Josh
Best pal Megan and her 17 year old son Josh are visiting, a fact which always: ... feels totally normal, like they should just be here all the time asking, "So, what should we all do today?"... transforms me into... Read more >
New Ventures in Capitalism
How's your brain? Are you taking good care of it? Feeding it daily? Learning new things?If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are not the work-from-home parent of a two year old toddler. The Varmint has... Read more >
I am a writer and lazy artist who loves travel, architecture and design. Right now, I'm into photography. My fabulous husband (a.k.a. The Varmint) and I are also the principals of a San Diego-based creative agency - and new parents to the divine Baby Mak. Read More >