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All Witness the Effect of Four Margaritas
Tam & Shan (a.k.a. The Love Varmint, The Varmint or Clown Boy) whooping it up, Mexico-style in September 2005 at Zac and Rach's wed-dang. Notice the tequila-glazed eyes? The Terrible Tiki shirt? How 'bout the love? Can you feel THE... Read more >
The View From My Kitchen Window
Knowing I'm a morning person, friends often ask why I love being awake at 6 a.m.. They look deep into my eyes, seeking out the crazy, when they ask. This is one of the reasons. I took this picture this... Read more >
Snapshot - The Varmint's Little Head
Tam and the Varmint visit Berlin's incredible Pergamon Museum, Summer 2005. (I mean, seriously... Who wouldn't fall madly in love with a man who says "Yes" to stuff like this? He didn't bat an eyelash as a group watched and... Read more >
Snapshot - Sunset Spectacular
Last night's sunset, as seen from my front door.        Image copyright 2005, Vivimedia.... Read more >
Snapshot - Cloister Me
Ever have one of those phases where all you feel like doing is cuddling up in your hidey hole, watching movies and eating oatmeal cookies? Everytime I come home lately, I feel like Quasimodo returning to Notre Dame: "Sanctuary! Sanctuary!" Maybe... Read more >
Snapshot - He's Mine
 Mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine... Read more >
Snapshot - Heaven's On Fire
Appropriately, the last month of 2005 has been primetime sunset season, a flashy farewell to a terrific year. This was shot using my Nikon D70 from my front porch - and is true to life. Yeah, I know. The colors... Read more >
Snapshot - Joshua Tree
2006 has started blue. Blue in a post-holiday emptiness sort of way. Blue in a reflective, daydreamy kind of way. A bracing, windy, try-to-steal-your-tent kind of blue. Blue of the impending storm. Blue lips and bruised fingers. 2006 feels like... Read more >
Sketches from Berlin
Just a thought, here... but as I was once again leafing through my language-studies notebook from my years in Germany it occurred to me: Perhaps part of the reason my German sucks so bad these days is that I spent... Read more >
Snapshot - In Lieu of Fireworks
 Yesterday, I was asked two interesting questions. 1) Did I miss seeing fireworks on New Year's Eve? After all, we were out in the middle of the desert... And 2) Have I taken down my holiday tree yet? This picture,... Read more >
Snapshot - Palm Springs Tram
This shot looks like it was taken from the top of the world, but was taken at the top of the Palm Springs Tram instead. If you get a chance to ride the tram, take it. The lodge has some... Read more >
Snapshot - Moonset, Sunrise
I often wake before the sun is up, beating out the morning doves for first song of the day. It is my time. I can do as I please, look and smell my worst: Flyaway hair, Ugg boots and sweats... Read more >
Snapshot - Bumpy Landings
 This shot was taken out the window of a jet while landing at night at San Diego's Lindbergh Field. Come to think of it, it's probably is a good reflection of my heartrate at the time, as well. This was... Read more >
Snapshot - Hotel Fantasy
This is a mid-century modern hotel that I secretly fantasize about staying in. Whenever I pass it by, I imagine a middleage guy wearing a sharkskin suit and too-thin socks sitting unmoving on the bed, a plastic cup in his... Read more >
Snapshot - Torrey Pines
One of the greatest reasons I'll never move out of San Diego is Torrey Pines State Park. Yesterday was a brisk and breezy Sunday morning. Jen and I drove 10 minutes, parked our car and spent the next hour hiking... Read more >
Call it sacrelige, but I've never been a fan of naps. That's all changed in the last three months. The current nap schedule goes something like this: 6:30 am - Wake Up 11 am - Nap 2 pm - Post-lunch... Read more >
Snapshot - Naughty Monkey
Say what you want, but it looks to me like this mama colobus is saying, "A thousand bananas for five minutes of babysitting . . ."... Read more >
Snapshot - All in the Family
Q: What do Varmints with biology degrees do when they're at the zoo? A: Research the family tree.... Read more >
Snapshot - Your Tax Dollars at Work
This was taken on a guided hiking trail near Big Bear. I liked to think of it as self-awareness for remedial nature lovers.  ... Read more >
Snapshot - The Fabulous Floating Varmint
Eat your heart out, David Blaine.... Read more >
Just another San Diego sunset, snapped on the way to a dinner party Saturday night. This May, the sun has been a rare sight, any time of day. Apparently, San Diego and Seattle have decided to swap weather wardrobes this... Read more >
Snapshot - The Hot Dog
I initially titled this shot "Easy Rider". [Peter Fonda, eat your heart out.] Now, I have to call it Ride of The Hot Dog.Jenny saw the picture, zeroed in on The Varmint's luxurious neck roll and said three words which... Read more >
Snapshot - Varmint + His Furry Friend
  The Varmint and Friend, sawing logs. (To be clear: The furry friend is the bear, on the left.)... Read more >
Mom, her good friend and neighbor Bobbie, and the ever-present, camera-obsessed, attention mongering Duckbilled Varmint.... Read more >
A Preview of Our Coming Attraction
 Not bad for a sonogram, eh? World, meet baby. Baby, meet world.... Read more >
My Current Perspective
 No, no - you're not looking at three moons, three paper plates, three eggs in a bowl or some bizarre set of freckled lightbulbs. This is my view whenever I try to see my feet. Will you look at that... Read more >
Heavenly skies as seen from our front porch. This sky is a remnant of Hurricane John, as it crosses the border north after sashaying up the Baja penninsula. Shot taken by The Varmint. (Nice job, babe!)... Read more >
S is for Shannon
S is for Shannon. S is for Sleeping and Snoring. S is also for Soon-to-Be Superfly-ed. Surprised. And Shellshocked. S is for Soothed, with Savvy Stimulation in the form of black, black coffee. S is for Spurring his fuzzy little... Read more >
Separated at Birth?
My niece Livia came to visit the other weekend. That's when I first noticed it... Somehow, I doubt if my brother will let me call her "Little Grimley".  ... Read more >
Because Mommy is a Sick, Sick Woman
  ... Read more >
Ornithologically Speaking
Tam: "Look at that red-tailed hawk!" Mom: "How beautiful! Remember all of those red-tailed hawks that used to live in the canyon behind my house? They don't live there anymore. I think it's because of the crazy lady across the... Read more >
Happy Birthday to Me
I've already reached the last year of my thirties. Man, it goes by fast. And also, happy birthday to One Good Life. The blog is now a year old, with more than 180 entries - conveniently culminating, I realized today,... Read more >
Snapshot - Sweet Dreams
Apparently, the sandman stayed for tea.This is what they mean when they say "Sleep like a baby..." And what wouldn't I give for one night's worth of this brand of sweet, sweet shuteye right about now, eh?... Read more >
Snapshot - This One's for Megan
Just in case you needed a baby fix. I know Mak (and the rest of us) are missing ya. Big time. Today, progress: Little Miss Fussypants deigned to allow me to tote her sweet pink hiney around in the Baby... Read more >
And in This Corner
And in this corner ... weighing in at 12 pounds, 13oz ... with 57 direct hits, 12 blowouts ... It's L'Enfant Terrible, La Bambina of Barf, The Incorrigible Kid Mak! Mak: "Hand over the milk, bub, or I'll have to... Read more >
La Jolla Windstorm
Today's big winds made for an especially thrilling family trip to The Birch Aquarium. Eucalyptus leaves and branches were sailing through the air, heavy doors slammed shut with bone-jarring KA-THUNK!s, tumbleweeds were all over the roads, and most spectacularly, there... Read more >
Mama + Mak in The Big Red Chair
I love this picture.... Read more >
Bird of Paradise in Our Front Yard
Read more >
Rainy Day Fun
I always did love rainy days.   ... Read more >
The Varmint's Third 40th Birthday
No, that doesn't mean The Varmint is 43. It means that this was the third party for him. If that sounds excessive, let it be known that he is still not satisfied."I need more parties," says The Varmint, his mouth... Read more >
Road Trip Fever
Lately, an old-fashioned road trip - the kind where you pile the fam in a car, load up a cooler full of cold drinks, pile in the blankets and duffel bags and head to a natural park or historical destination... Read more >
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Feels Like Spring
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