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The 7 Truths of San Diego
 As any native will tell you, San Diego is a small town. Sure, it's the sixth largest city in the States, but in reality it's nothing but a bitsy little burb playing dress-up. I say that with all the love... Read more >
Coincidence (or The Universe, Smacking That Ass)
 Monday night at Masuo’s in Solana Beach there was a brilliant birthday party for a shining beacon of a girl I’ve never met. Her name is Margo. We brought her a haiku and a gift of blue-and-white striped Oompa Loompa... Read more >
John's Shoe Repair
One of the best things about spending most of your life in the same neighborhood is that you're able to find the rarest of treasures - people, craftsmen, tinkerers and masters who love what they do and the people they... Read more >
I am a Dirty, Dirty Girl
Often the hottest location in the United States at any given time, the Anza Borrego Desert has an average rainfall of just 6.86 inches per year. A few weeks per year, when the rainfall's been good, you can see the... Read more >
Santa's Sleigh, California Style
It's a weird thing about growing up in San Diego: The only white Christmas you can ever hope to get is one on the beach. Even then, it's more of a pale tan than a pure white - unless you... Read more >
Snapshot - Heaven's On Fire
Appropriately, the last month of 2005 has been primetime sunset season, a flashy farewell to a terrific year. This was shot using my Nikon D70 from my front porch - and is true to life. Yeah, I know. The colors... Read more >
Farewell, Clairemont Bowl
One of the last great bastions of blue collar entertainment in my neighborhood is sadly being torn down in earnest. After 49 years, the Clairemont Bowl is being leveled to make room for yuppie condos. Prior to the "official"... Read more >
Snapshot - Torrey Pines
One of the greatest reasons I'll never move out of San Diego is Torrey Pines State Park. Yesterday was a brisk and breezy Sunday morning. Jen and I drove 10 minutes, parked our car and spent the next hour hiking... Read more >
Where the Varmint Plays Hooky
When you start working in San Diego, you'll notice that some days company phones roll over to voice mail no matter what time you call. Sure, that executive you're dying to reach might actually be in a meeting. But this... Read more >
San Diego Artwalk 2006
If you ever needed proof that my hometown burg is stretching as exponentially as the backsides of America's youth, look no further than Artwalk. What was once a sleepy little trek through the private studios and galleries of San Diego's... Read more >
Just another San Diego sunset, snapped on the way to a dinner party Saturday night. This May, the sun has been a rare sight, any time of day. Apparently, San Diego and Seattle have decided to swap weather wardrobes this... Read more >
Memorial Day in San Diego
Memorial Day weekend in San Diego is the clarion call for summer season. The city's bulging with sun-dazed tourists. The highways are jammed. Summer movies are out, and restaurants are rolling their colorful shade umbrellas out onto sidewalks. 20-somethings flock... Read more >
Take Me Out to the Ballgame
Take me out to the ballgame, buy me some peanuts, Cracker Jack, cheesy nachos, a superdog with extra relish, soft-serve ice cream, two bottled waters, some roasted pistachios, garlic fries, one sneaky sip of beer, a Chocopop, two Tums and... Read more >
July 4, 2006 - Wildlife Report from Basecamp San Diego
San Diego beaches turn into one giant frat party on the Fourth of July: It's massive. It's ugly. And it's the best people-watching event of the year. Here, if locals live anywhere near a beach, they hole up in their... Read more >
Braincation - Dog Beach Sunset
Yet another divine San Diego sunset, taken at Dog Beach in Ocean Beach, a ways north of one of The Varmint's usual surf spots, called Garbage, close to another favorite spot called Bird Shit. My theory is that (with the... Read more >
 Meg, the baby and I are walking toward Target when a shark-like Cadillac with a stumpy, cigar-chomping driver cruises by for the second time, seeking out a parking space with his window down and his arm hanging out. Us: "Hey.... Read more >
How the Server Got Stiffed
Last night was book club. I was deeply looking forward to going, partly because there would be no computers, baby barf or putting stuff away involved, but mostly, to be honest, because all of the girls were going and it... Read more >
You Know You're From San Diego If...
My good friend Donna sent me an email about growing up in San Diego that made me laugh. (Thanks, D!) Because I couldn't help myself, I took it and made a few changes and additions. Got any of your own?... Read more >
Downtown San Diego
It seems like nearly every day a new architectural monstrosity joins the group using San Diego's downtown landscape as its personal bukkake target. I snapped this with the handy little Canon PowerShot A610 that The Varmint gave me for my... Read more >
Careful What You Wish For
Usually, The Varmint and I exist in a happy little cocoon. We hang out with Mak, work out back in our treehouse studio, go for walks with friends. It's not rare for us to stay on our property for a... Read more >
San Diego Wildfires
It's been a rough haul here in San Diego. The fires roared through the county leaving the skies filled with stinking ash and thick smoke that burned throats and eyes - as well as people's houses and mile after mile... Read more >
Just Another Reason I Love This Town
Beautiful.... Read more >
Fantasy Swim
It's heating up in San Diego. You can feel the sizzle in the sidewalks. Right now, it's pretty much perfect because the cool misty mornings keep everything to a very comfortable temperature. In the afternoons, however, our garden's zuchini leaves... Read more >
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