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Braincation - Troncones, Mexico
Brain-ca-tion (pronunciation: brayn-kay-shun) - definition: A mental respite, time of inactivity, day dreaming or wishing you were somewhere else, usually caused by an abundance of stress. Troncones, Mexico. Shot September, 2005.  Copyright 2005 - Vivimedia... Read more >
Braincation - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amsterdam, Netherlands - June 2005. The largest mobile ferris wheel in the world. Care for a ride?  Copyright 2005, Vivimedia.... Read more >
I am a Dirty, Dirty Girl
Often the hottest location in the United States at any given time, the Anza Borrego Desert has an average rainfall of just 6.86 inches per year. A few weeks per year, when the rainfall's been good, you can see the... Read more >
Snapshot - Heaven's On Fire
Appropriately, the last month of 2005 has been primetime sunset season, a flashy farewell to a terrific year. This was shot using my Nikon D70 from my front porch - and is true to life. Yeah, I know. The colors... Read more >
Snapshot - Joshua Tree
2006 has started blue. Blue in a post-holiday emptiness sort of way. Blue in a reflective, daydreamy kind of way. A bracing, windy, try-to-steal-your-tent kind of blue. Blue of the impending storm. Blue lips and bruised fingers. 2006 feels like... Read more >
Mr. Sphinx Moth Stops By
Will you look at that fella? With the big eyes and finely-shaped antennae? You just know he's a casanova of the moth world.Too bad he scared the living dookie out of me when I was doing laundry. Of course, that's... Read more >
My Preeeeeshusssss
No one tells you that, once you have a kid, things get pretty animalian. I spend more time sniffing this kid's head than I do watching the news.Then again, I just got back from Costco where I had a... Read more >
Bird of Paradise in Our Front Yard
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Downtown San Diego
It seems like nearly every day a new architectural monstrosity joins the group using San Diego's downtown landscape as its personal bukkake target. I snapped this with the handy little Canon PowerShot A610 that The Varmint gave me for my... Read more >
Rainy Day Fun
I always did love rainy days.   ... Read more >
What Matters Most
As I moved through the images I shot during the strange hazy days of these San Diego wildfires, I found this one of our terrific neighbors, Vince and his son Eddie. (Jen, Eddie's mom, isn't pictured. But, sickeningly, she's terrific... Read more >
Sunset in Anza Borrego
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McLovin, Male Model
                  McLovin, the feral neighborhood cat who has pretty much turned us into his human slave family, is now doing us a good turn and modeling for our clients. For free. Rather considerate of him, I must say, since I've been... Read more >
I am a writer and lazy artist who loves travel, architecture and design. Right now, I'm into photography. My fabulous husband (a.k.a. The Varmint) and I are also the principals of a San Diego-based creative agency - and new parents to the divine Baby Mak. Read More >