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The World's Smallest Jimmy Buffet Fan
Meet Ethan, also known as Godzilla. (Yes. We call him that in front of his mother, Deb, whose knuckle-dragging arms and debilitating chiropractor bills render her unable to refute the truth of this assessment.) Ethan is enormous in both scale... Read more >
Cafe Chloe, on the corner of 9th and G, may be our new favorite neighborhood restaurant. (Too bad it's not in our neighborhood...) Mike J., friend, surfer, former Cisco dude and future accupuncturist attended the fete, wallowing as we did,... Read more >
Last Night's Dinner - Thai Basil Chicken
Welcome to the new One Good Life featurette - Last Night's Dinner. Here's how it works: When we've enjoyed a particularly tasty meal, we'll post the eats, the recipe (and perhaps a lovely scan of the leftovers in a Pyrex... Read more >
Lanna Thai vs. Sushi Nazi
The Varmint and I are at lunch at a fantastic new Thai restaurant in our neighborhood called Lanna with his dad, Monte, and one of our favorite guys in the universe, The Amazing Jim Morisson. (I could not make this... Read more >
Hot + Dry in Anza Borrego
It was time once again for the gang (this year - Jen, Deb, Tam, Greg, Soph and Ethan) to hit the great, stark and sandy to see any changes in the last year. Answer: Not many. The late, light rains... Read more >
Is It Wrong?
Speaking of drinking beer . . . (see previous entry) While ice cream has become a satisfactory, if temporary, substitute for the occasional fine brew, I fantasize daily about swilling a creamy, cool Guinness just as soon as that baby... Read more >
A Phew! and a Pfffft!
Jen, one of my best friends in the whole world, just got out of surgery on Friday. I spent much of the day with my ass cheeks clenched, waiting for news as to how it all went. Ironically, I was... Read more >
The Eight Dollar Cheeseburger
Does this thing look like it was worth eight bucks to you? That cheese looks like skin from the ankles of a 90-year-old. Surprisingly, the burger was tastier than this image implies as it was barbecued and had bacon on it... Read more >
Melonius Funk
There is nothing better than cold, sweet, juicy watermelon on a hot summery day. It ranks at the top of the Tam's food preferences, and is something of an obsession for me. I wait all year for watermelon season. Consumption... Read more >
Mom's Bun Fetish Exposed!
Now here's a woman who knows how to spend a dollar. . . Mom gave us our terrific baby gift - a very hip kitchen table from IKEA that we'll be using as a dresser and changing table for the... Read more >
Double Date
Last night, in what may be The Varmint's and my last double date before we become a triple, we went out to a fancy dinner with friends Deb and Greg to Vagabond, a delicious new Frenchy / International restaurant and... Read more >
Relativity and Restaurants
 There is obviously a harmonic convergence thing going on. Here's how I know: 1. Family from both sides of the Tam / Varmint Clans have visited in the last week, coming from beautiful Mt. Shasta and Santa Barbara in California,... Read more >
A Grand Nite Out
The Varmint and I, in our wild imaginings of what Life with Offspring might be like, realized there would be sacrifices. For example, personal hygeine and Jell-o shots would be moving a few rungs down the priority ladder. As far... Read more >
The Power of the Cheesy Biscuit
 First of all, Happy Thanksgiving! Here's hoping you're enjoying a day with family and friends. We're all heading to The Varmint's ma and pa, Pat and Monte's place this afternoon for the Big Feast, Football and Hangout Session. I'm supposed... Read more >
How the Server Got Stiffed
Last night was book club. I was deeply looking forward to going, partly because there would be no computers, baby barf or putting stuff away involved, but mostly, to be honest, because all of the girls were going and it... Read more >
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