For many, many months now, I've been getting between 4 and 6 hours of sleep per night. On spectacular, rare, cry-worthy gratifying occasion, 8.

Settling into this particular deep groove has apparently sandpapered away my sense of humor, which is unfortunate.

On those wonderous 8-hour-sleep days, I am reintroduced to the person I'd like to be more often: Curious, energized, ebullient, friendly - and yes, funny.

Four-hour days, by contrast, are automaton days, mostly spent getting through the day instead of reveling in it. I've no energy to be curious, to give to people around me in the form of smiles or compliments - so I find myself hoarding my vim for those I'm closest to - my family and my kids.

Even then, it's not always enough.

Nearly 2/3 of Americans suffer from insomnia. Sixty million people trying unsuccessfully to get unconscious every night.

It makes you stop and wonder, doesn't it? What would life be like for all of us were we to sleep a deep 8 hours each night?

Would the world be a little nicer place? Might we be a little friendlier to one another? A little happier? What if we worked a little less? 

Maybe we'd be better able to take a joke if we had more energy to make them. 

Anyway, I've decided I'm reinstituting my sleep campaign. Going to bed early, getting up when it feels right, reducing my caffeine, upping my exercise. It worked last time. Perhaps you'll join me this time?

Pillow punchers, unite! 



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