Roadtrip to Julian

2009_Julian_AbandonedHouse copySitting still is good for the mind. So says meditators, intellectuals, Buddhists and other deeply contemplative types. I, however, suck at it. I'm a mover; restless, easily bored, driven to distraction, usually over-energized. As Deb says, "You're the kind of person that needs to be walked everyday." Um, while distinctly un-thrilled with the thinly-veiled doggy reference, yes. She's right.

2009_Julian_1And yet, there are those times where sitting still isn't a choice. Like for health reasons, or having a baby, or because someone in your family needs you. You curtail the wanderlust, take the road frequently traveled, and park your fat ass on the sofa, waiting for the shackles to come off.

I've been sitting still since October of last year. And hating every minute.

There are those who love to travel, and those who don't. I do. For me, it's like breathing. It doesn't have to be far, or fancy, or even overnight. I just need to hit the road regularly and often, hike, bike, shop, swim or eat somewhere away from San Diego, preferably with family or friends, breathing new air. Seeing new stuff. Trying new things. It keeps the brain elastic, the soul inspired.

2009_Julian_TrainSo this little pictorial of the quick trip to Julian with Deb and the Dziewit offspring represents the de-schackling of the Tuttle-McGlathery clan, and our renewed status as members of the living.

We experienced The Most Goody-Goody Afternoon of Family Entertainment Ever Known, courtesy of the Smith Ranch. We rode a little 18-gauge mining train on a mini-history tour, all flavored with sprinkles of Mormon wholesomeness. The kids raised a flag at a half-completed "Daniel Boone Fort", panned for gold, donned mining hats and explored a mine, pointed out horse poop. The proprietors were so nice as to be otherworldly, completely attentive to the kids, and wore head-to-toe pioneer gear - or perhaps that was their everyday attire. It, um, was sort of hard to tell.

The kids had a blast. The adults fought off the urge to drink heavily and swear while playing poker and thinking naked thoughts - you know, just to maintain our karmic balance.

2009_Julian_IntheCabinLater, we cooked burgers. We ate pie. We stopped and took pictures of an abandoned house and hiked around town. We drank good coffee, read and listened to the wind in the trees.

It was nothing special, really, and yet - as I awoke in the middle of the night in the cabin with soft snores all around me and a windstorm howling outside - it was. 

I can't wait for the next trip, wherever it may lead. Thanks Deb. Thanks Varmint. Thanks for keeping me laughing, Shorties. You guys make terrific travel buddies.



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