Fences & Flowers


Last week was surgery week - me, with more skin cancer removals, and The Varmint with a much more serious sinus surgery involving anesthesia, nose splints, and the dreaded Schnozz Hammock. 

This would not have been a fun week, regardless of the bloody boog bandages, strange facial masks and wound dressings. But then, because it's written somewhere that it is 'The Way of Things,' the kid got sent home from preschool sick. Then both grandmas went down for the count. With everybody under the weather and no childcare? Yeah, I bet you wish you could come over for a nice long visit, huh? 

Me neither.

But since I live here, and renting a hotel room was not an option (though admittedly a fantasy at certain points during the week), I sacked up, duct taped on my big girl panties, and dealt. What else could I do? Vegas was just not an option.

And while I was neither Florence Nightengale nor a sweetly smiling Julie Andrews through the week - because let's face it, I'm Tam - I managed. And since being Tam means that snarkasm and kindness are delivered in pretty much equal doses (even in the best of times), The Varmint was appreciative - which went far to keeping his pieces and the peace intact.

So, we live. And The Varmint brought a lovely bunch of cheery flowers as thank you for single-parenting / CEO-ing / chefing / cleaning / nursing all week. Which was super sweet. (He's getting much better with the spousal strategies these days, I've noticed. I guess 5 years of marriage can teach a man a thing or two, after all.)

Which brings us to tomorrow, the official date of celebration for our 5th year married. It was helpfully pointed out to me by Christy that this milestone means we've made it to our "wood" anniversary, which, let's face it, has all sorts of snickery adolescent connotations that I'm forcing myself not to voice (way too easy).

In consideration of this big event, we're skipping gifts - as I expect to do most every year - and getting something that will give us both years of enjoyment instead:


That's right. A fence.

Marriage metaphors aside, a "fence" for us essentially means "kid corral." Shoo the little whippersnappers outside - and no more worries about car squashings or step tumblings. Sweet! Add to that the new patio furniture we splurged on (all in an effort to expand our living space in anticipation of daughter numero 2 - without buying a new house) - and we just gained nearly 400 square feet of living space for less than $5K. Yah to the hoo!

And for all those purists out there, obsessed with all things romantical and traditional, I say, "Hey, look! It's wood!" And I think I'll get a lot more use and happiness out of our 5-year anniversary gift to one another than I would from a necklace and a box of truffles.

Happy Anniversary, babe.






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