Project Life Reboot

From death to mayhem to illness to explosions to equipment malfunction to mold to accident after accident, things have sucked for our clan these past three months. I don't want to tarry around the universal mischief at work, (for to discuss it overly is to give it power) but suffice it to say we're feeling the dark cloud - slowly, slowly - begin to lift. Or at least dissipate, as it apparently moves on to other victims.

This is not schadenfreude. As good friend Christy mentioned in this wistful entry, January is rarely a happy month. But see, we're desperate for a little relief at this point.

And as some good stuff is currently happening (KNOCK WOOD! KNOCK WOOD!), we're focusing on the positive with the fervor of born-agains at Harvest Festival. 


So, universe, listen up. Despite you being a bully and kicking us around like playground dweebs with new sets of braces, we're going to stand up and spite you. With kindness. That's right, universe! SUCK IT. We're flaunting our naive optimism in your big ol' Neanderthal face.

- Nevermind that we just spent our kid's college savings, we're ecstatic about our new HVAC unit.  We'll save that money on the back end by getting rid of the old, moldy unit! Thank you, universe!

- We're thrilled that the recent arson attempt has brought the neighborhood closer than its ever been. Plus, our level of disaster preparedness is beyond compare! Three evacuations in 3 years?! Our family is a well-oiled machine, capable of getting out with essentials in less than 5 minutes! Thank you, universe!


- I've never appreciated all of the many happy holidays I've enjoyed in my life more than I do now. The  recent ruined Christmas? It's only served to make me appreciate my husband, our friendship, our daughter, mom and Varmint in-laws like you wouldn't believe. Thanks, everybody - and thanks, universe! We love you.

- Being sick for months on end has made me deeply love those lovely high-energy happy days.  Look what I can get done in 8 hours when I feel good! Wow! Yay, me!

- De-typhoiding our house has given us a sense of accomplishment: Getting rid of the mold and sicky-sickness vibe by sacrificing a weekend for two days of blanket, sheet, and wall washing, bleaching or Lysoling every visible surface, sunning the comforters and throwing open the house to sunshine and wild wind. We feel refreshed. Thank you, universe.

Considering everything, I'll grant that taunting the universe is probably not the smartest move right now.

But that's how it is: It may take awhile, but eventually you just throw your hands in the air and start to feel pretty good about living dangerously. 




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