A Small Collage of Happy-Happy

Here are a few images I was thumbing through that made me smile, each for different reasons.

Makenna_Xmas_08I love this picture of Makenna; her face looks so beyond two years old that it's like you're seeing into the future. Everything in Mak world currently has "Mommy" and "Baby" versions - "Mommy kitty!" "Baby kitty!" She uses different voices all the time, a high-pitched voice for "baby" and this crazy growly voice when she really wants something and isn't getting it. I've also never seen anyone, not even The Varmint, get so excited about boobies. She greets them like old friends. If I'm getting out of the tub, or getting dressed and she gets a glimpse, it's jumping up and down and clapping as she points, "THERE THEY ARE! BOOBIES!!!"


DSC_0571The Varmint had just totally shaved his head with a razorblade for the first time and wanted a picture of it. After several pathetic self-portraits, I offered to take the shot and this was the result. I love the grass-green jacket, the grass behind him, his green eyes - the big white egghead. I was standing over him, shooting down as he looked up - we were just cracking up and having a blast.

Broads Gone WildHere are my girls, all together. We were on holiday, and were about to eat a very memorable dinner. These days it's tough to get everyone in the same room, so it was a really special time. I've known all of these women since junior high school, so it was a pretty magical trip. IMG1869Want proof? Here was one of our sunsets.


DSC_2236This is a year where our home has grown smaller. It's a dark little house, and we're using every inch of our space, the garden, the yard. We love it very much, but confess we're having dreams of more space, where our clothes aren't hanging in Makenna's room, or out in the entertainment center, where we can *gasp* have a place for everything and spread out a bit. Then, we get a phenomenal sunset or hang out with our ultra-cool neighbors, and we're like, "Well... maybe we can wait awhile."


DSC_0062I just met with Arne Weychardt, an old friend from Berlin, and we had a long ardent chat about politics. "Do you think things are really going to change?" he asked, when we talked about Obama. "Yes," I replied. "This feels very different to me. This election, people got involved. People who don't usually get involved, people like me, like my friends - giving time, money. For the first time in a long time, I feel hopeful. . . Plus, I'd really like to travel to Europe without pretending to be Canadian."

DSC_2751We chartered a yacht and captain and took the whole family out for a night sail on San Diego Bay to celebrate my father in law's birthday. It was a great experience. Sea air. Sparkling water. Full moon. Next time, I'm hoping it's just me and The Varmint and a masseuse.

Mug ShotAnd this last shot? This last shot just straight up makes me laugh, everytime I see it. In Seattle goofing around with friend Mike Chin.








  1. Christy said on February 10, 2009 07:45

    Tam, that photo of Makenna looks like you Photoshopped your face on her body! I always thought she looked like Shannon's side of the family, but this image is amazing! Thanks for sharing...


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