2008 Xmas Explosion

Late last night, a huge explosion rocked our neighborhood. A few minutes later, a second big BOOM! And then a series of pop!pop!pop!pop!s and crackles. We were all semi-awake by a sad series of mishaps and illness, but when The Varmint came in to the bedroom where Mak and I were trying to sleep and said, "There's a fire, the power lines just blew," it was a powerful moment of deja vu.

Turns out, a motorhome two doors north in the back alley was set afire. It ignited, and it and the old truck next to it went up in flames. Both tanks exploded, then the powerlines caught fire. The fire department was there in 2 to 3 minutes, tops, sirens wailing, blue and red lights flashing.

A knock at the door brought our neighbor, ensuring we were awake. Then the power went out - and the street was black, except for the firetruck lights and the fire itself. By sheer good fortune, I'd given myself an eight-pack of rechargeable "candle" lights as a gift, so we were able to see. As we debated what steps to take, the next knock answered our questions. The police officer ordered us to evacuate.

Having done this before, we were crazy-organized: Kid, essential paperwork, computers, journals and photo albums were packed with us in the car within 10 minutes. We were getting ready to peel out to my mom's when the officer returned and let us know we'd been given the greenlight to be able to stay - the SDFD had it under control.

Our neighborhood: What's with it? Four years back, a huge arson fire four doors up took the framed-in million-dollar structure to the ground. After that, a series of unexplained explosions had my husband thinking he'd married a nut job. Then there was The Cedar Fire, where we packed the car up and were ready to evacuate. During The Witch Fire, we hosted evacuees. And now? Another big fire and explosions - this time with live powerlines crackling and sparking overhead. 

Last time I checked, this was Bay Park, not Beirut. I should probably check again... but I'm scared to put my head out the window.



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