Spin Spider, Spin

It's spider season here in San Diego, and our jungle bungalow is a mini wild kingdom strung with dewy webs that look like little glass lanterns in the morning.

Brightly colored Garden and Orb Weavers take up their giant webs each morning, leaving only the silken anchors in place. Each evening as the sun turns gold and starts to set, they descend from their hiding places to re-spin their webs.

I enjoy watching this particular spider, who lives boldly in our Giant Bird of Paradise, as she takes up her work each evening, weaving industriously, methodically, so smoothly and gracefully. Her legs work in pairs, gripping each strand, pulling it taut as you would a rope, affixing it to the anchor, moving on. It's a meditative entertainment, watching her create her snare. She is deft and quick and cares not a whit that we watch, rapt. While I've never seen her catch anything, her great size eloquently tells the story of her success.

Somewhere close by, within a few feet of her, it is likely that a smaller male Weaver spider quietly lurks. He builds his little bachelor web near hers, and like her, patiently waits for his meal to arrive. But what he is really waiting for is the chance to mate with her.

With a bit of good fortune, and the right timing, they will pair and make the next generation of baby spiders whose web artistry will inspire and astound us all over again.


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