It Happens to the Best of Us

Yeah, I'm a little late on this, but I think it's sort of interesting in a 7th grade science experiment kind of way. Here's Jack, our Halloween pumpkin circa 2008, plump and thumpy, freshly carved and in the prime of his life.


Pumpkin - Before

Now here's Jack just seven short days later (that's 84 years in pumpkin time) on Halloween. He's looking a little tuckered out in a squishy, black mold sort of way. He's far more disturbing here, if you ask me.

Judging from the choruses of "Ew! Gross!" we heard as the kids approached our door, I think they agreed.


Pumpkin - After








So, let this be a lesson to all you folks who've cruised by on your good looks for all of these years. The inevitable happens to the best of us, people. Even this pumpkin here. And then, when your looks are gone the only thing you'll have left are all of those pictures of you. The ones where you're looking really hot and dating other really hot people.

Bet you wish you'd done things differently now, huh?




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