Halloween Rocks!

Deb the Roadkill Skunk, Tam the Day of the Dead Doll and The Varmint as himself.

This is how we spent Halloween this year: With friends Deb, Greg, Julie, Ant and Christy at The Kensington Grill, in our costumes having a delicious dinner a couple of cocktails and then going to Vince and Lisa's party. 

Being an early evening sort of girl, I especially enjoyed the dinner and cocktails. The most fun was watching the patrons of the restaurant trying to eat as bloodied and skeletal characters cavorted nearby. I think watching me chow down my pork chop and drink a margarita was particularly disturbing.

One table in particular kept staring at us, which would have been fine, if it weren't so lacking in mirth or even basic good humor. There was annoyance there, which only goads one such as me to shove the pin in further.

After the guy looked over and shook his head for the dozenth time, I rose up out of my chair, black veil and gown trailing, holding my hands rigid and clasped in front of me, and slowly approached his table. I stared at him, through him, continuously, eyes wide and bloodshot, never breaking general eye contact. Alll the while I walked toward him slowly, slowly. I cocked my head sideways as I approached, smiled my creepiest most murderous smile - at which he blanched - and then walked past him at a normal pace, on toward the ladies' room.

I'll admit to enjoying that moment mightilly, which speaks to a part of my nature I prefer to keep under wraps. Except on Halloween, apparently...


  1. Christy Miller said on November 4, 2008 13:15

    Congrats, Tam, on your first place prize for best costume at Vince and Lisa's Halloween Party last weekend. You had a GREAT costume! You are SO clever and talented at anything you set your mind to doing. So resourceful! We had some real laughs that night... C.


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