A Night to Remember

Obama Wins!_YESWhatever your politics, this was a night to remember.

We had options, go downtown and wait for the balloons to fall?, hit our local pub and hang with the 'hood? - but ended up at Deb and Greg's, having homemade chili and cornbread for dinner - and talking politics and getting very, very excited. We didn't want to leave, but had to get home early to get the girl in bed.

Before she even hit the sheets, the results came in. We huddled on the sofa as a family, geting "cozy-cozy" when the verdict came in. We hollered and cheered, snapped a few pics - and then put the kid to bed. 

It wasn't until later, with the lights off and The Varmint and I all tucked in, that the gracious concession speech of McCain, spoken so well and with such dignity, set the tone of import for this moment in American history.

When beyond all measure of possibility, Obama and his beautiful family strode across that platform to the cheers of hundreds of thousands, America stood up and proved that sometimes, during rare and special moments, she can match the dream of her promise to the world.

In my lifetime there have been a few such points where you know history is being made - Reagan being shot, 9/11 - but this moment felt special, and utterly joyous and for us, anyway, incredibly moving.

I felt proud to be an American in that moment. It was a warm pleasure, one I won't forget anytime soon.

Now, it's back to reality. . . And time to roll up our sleeves, get busy and prepare to start shoveling. 



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