Penguin Rodeo

Mak and Sophie and Summer and I hit Sea World yesterday. As new owner of the all-powerful Silver Pass I am now able to take my kid to Sea World any day I want, enjoy the lush grounds, one animal (usually DOFFINS!) and make it home before nuclear meltdown or diaper catastrophe happens. This is important stuff for us locals, and personally, I'm sort of loving Sea World, something I NEVER thought I'd say.

Yesterday was mellow, and easy and more relaxing than it should have been - after it wasn't. Both Summer and I met, wide-eyed and wild, sweating, agitated, checking and double-checking our watches, phones, kids, gear and sanity. Just ensuring that we had all the essentials: Goldfish? Check. Stuffed lion? Check. Extra strength Tylenol? Check. 

Mak and Sophie Plan the GetawayTurned out, it was a blast. We chilled out, life got easier - go figure. The highlight had to be The Penguin Encounter - not because the exhibit was great or the kids fascinated (actually, it was a bit too aromatic for my liking - penguin ass is a fishy affair, and none too easy on the nostrils), but because of the 2-foot high stuffed Emperor penguins at the end of the gig.

The girls saw them - conveniently placed by Sea World at child-eye level - and they were stormed, snatched, slapped down, and ridden like bucking broncos all over the industrial-strength carpeting. Those penguins didn't have a prayer. And at $40 a pop, no prayer of coming home with us, either. 

Though that didn't stop The Dynamic Duo from conspiring to an old-school Bonnie-and-Clyde-style snatch-and-grab (that's the pic, above). Too bad The Mommies stopped yammering long enough to pay attention and stop the heist. 

It would've been a good one. 


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