Wanna Get Lucky?

This is a pic of my good friend Christy. Christy is what I like to call an Ameri-Brit. She's American, but being married to and hanging out with Brits has given her a fine, shiny lustre much coveted by American heathens such as myself.

It's as if her years living in Europe and being exposed to a more polished Englishness has enabled her to upgrade her personal software. Her new upgrades include Increased Vocabulary 2.0, More Articulate Than Thou 4.0 and my personal favorites, Excellent Tablemanners 5.1 and Snarky Commentary 9.0.

Christy's one of my favorite people in the world - insightful, intelligent, empathetic, hilarious and absolutely, incredibly neurotic in all the right ways. Lucky Cat(Um, illegal hand-mixed margaritas poured on the beach from a lovely chilled container into Dixie Cups, anyone?) Plus, she's a kickass designer who's truly curious, so she has great taste and finds all kinds of fabulous shit on the 'net that I'm then able to pass off as my own.

That said, it's with great reluctance that I recommend her new website, Lucky Cat's Meow, for your reading pleasure. Not only might you possibly find it infinitely more interesting than the website you're currently reading, but I'll surely be losing an excellent source of content.

Good thing I like her.



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