Goin' Retro, Part Deux :: Man Style

Due to the overwhelming response from part one of Goin' Retro, I am continuing the series for a few entries. Today is a tribute to The Varmint Through the Ages.

Yesterday, I spent every nanosecond of free time reshaping The Varmint into A Varmint for Every Era. His hottest years? The 50s and early 70s, I'd have to say.

The 70s were no surprise - that is the decade that fits his furry little soul, and it seems somehow right that his glossy coated hotness would shine through. But the neatnik 50s? Um, no. Who'dve thunk that His Furriness would clean up so well? He wears the well-licked slicks and skinny ties nicely.

General hotness aside, even he couldn't pull off the 80s. Then again, who could? That was one ugly-assed decade.


1950s Varmint

Shan_1954 Shan_1952











 1960s Varmint Shan_1966












1970s Varmint




1980s Varmint










and my personal fave... the 1990s Varmint, Midwest Style














Which is your favorite?

Tomorrow: Greg Dziewit. 


  1. christy said on September 4, 2008 18:36

    These are just great!!! I like the ones with glasses the best. Me thinks the Shan-man needs to start wearing them, even if they contain clear glass. Hot, hot, hot. Thanks for sharing Tam. Very funny.

  2. Deb said on September 4, 2008 20:24

    The first photo is definitely a hot 50s dude. I also think the 60s photo with the glasses exudes your inner nerd.

    Good job Tam.

  3. The Varmint said on September 23, 2008 22:42

    The Shannons agree and they do need mo' bettah bitchin glasses for to increase their IQ and hotness.


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