A Ms.-Nomer

Wanna talk about putting lipstick on a pig? The Varmint nearly daily receives mismarked mail with a "Ms." designator - as in "Ms. Varmint." When we sign up for a membership or anything that requires a card, it will often arrive with Ms. at the front of it.  

it's happened again, this time with our New Children's Museum membership.

This is sort of cool: As the mommy who takes her daughter to the museum, I've been given a sort of urban-chic VIP status. I've even received a wink and a nod from a certain front desk girl. Yes, I am sporting a most undeserved aura of hipness when I'm downtown with Mak these days.

The root of the misunderstanding lies with The Varmint's real first name - Shannon. It's a name I love, delightfully Irish and androgynous. However, when the Scruffy Bearded One is not present, it is often assumed that he's a she. And that yours truly prefers a smoother sort of partner, one that doesn't leave her fur on the shower soap or whose shaved headedness won't require the weekly laundering of pillowcases.

NCM_RittermannWhile being attracted to The Ladies would definitely have it's appeal - and what woman hasn't had this chat with her girlfriends when the guys leave their undies in some ridiculous place? - I'm unfortunately entrenched in the appeal of Varminty goodness, snoring and sad lack of pedicures aside.

The Varmint does have many wonderful qualities that put a bit of swish amongst The Shannons (as he likes to refer to himselves - yes, that's the third person, plural, like some narcissistic, shizoid fashion designer). These include the ability to communicate. His comfort when surrounded by women. His love of clothes and cats. A decent design sense. All that good stuff.

So in the end, the whole "what's in a name?" question comes to this: Nothing. As long as you don't have to pay the entrance fee, and as long as at least one of your personal identities knows that stripes only work when worn vertically. 



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