Good Times Had by All
Mak & Mommy


Rolling forest. Open meadows. Wildflowers, wild things. Black fox. Red fox. Thunderstorms and hot tubs. Red wine. Good books. Old friends. Blue dragonflies. Purple aromatic lavender. Salty sea spray. Kayaking with orcas. Bald eagles. Bright stars. Rope swings. Belly laughs. A joyful, sweet-smelling toddler. Endless vistas - stormy and lightning streaked. Green and blue and sun-spangled. Hot foamy coffees. Hissing raindrops. Big-eyed does. Soft brown bats. Fluttering slithering whispering leaves, needles, moss, alive alive alive. Home-cooked meals. The pleasure of a body at work. Hot tub, hot shower, ease.

DSC_0384Mak on San JuanDSC_0181




DSC_0321Joyful reconnections. Silver skyscapes. Thundering lake showers. Architecture both homey and imposing. Waterplanes buzzing. Seagulls chasing trash trucks. Barbecuing in Thunderstorms, 101. Succulent steaks. Good wine. Laughing til it hurts. Music. Peoplepeoplepeople and Pee Man. Artwork, fountains, record stores. The Olympics - both kinds. Puddle jumping. Espresso! Seattle Center. Animatronic dinosaurs. Pine trees and diesel. Holding hands. Long baths. Noodle-palooza. We don't need no steenking umbrellas. Long drives. Vintage shopping. Flooded basements. Quiet talks of import. Comfortable silences. Overwhelming love. Conscious appreciation. Tearful departures.

Fun house Varmint  DSC_0421 DSC_0207

DSC_0416Amy Dukes & Mike Chin2008_08_Mak at the Seattle Science Center


  1. Christy said on September 2, 2008 08:58

    The holiday description sounds lovely. Really glad you and yours had a wonderful get away in beautiful country away from it all. Also, thanks for coming out yesterday. We had a blast, and really enjoyed watching little Mak. C.


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