YP.com Sucks Ass
To Whom It May Concern,

This email may not be the correct forum to voice this complaint, but we need to do something.

We are business owners, and have been receiving repeated phone calls in the last 6 weeks for your YP.com "services." Each time, we ask to be placed on the do not call list. Each time, we receive another call.

When we say repeated phone calls from your solicitors, we're talking double-digits. As of today, we've received more than 15 calls. Your telemarketers are starting to interfere with our daily business operations, and as a result, we're now billing you for our time.

To date, since we bill for our services at $125 per hour and round to the nearest quarter-hour, at 15 calls, you now owe us $468.75. We will accept checks, money orders or credit card payments.

We are also reporting you as being in violation to:

1. The National Do-Not Call Registry
2. FTC
3. Junkbusters

Of course, we understand that you're used to that sort of thing... your nefarious business practices are legendary. But before you dismiss this email as being from some insane, small-time nobody and send a conciliatory form letter in response, consider the fact that we are nobodies who also happen to be busy owners of a successful marketing firm. How angry do you need to make someone before taking action to rectify a situation? I've never in my life written a letter like this.

The negative PR surrounding your harassment of our company - for at this point, that's EXACTLY what this is - is growing into a grassroots marketing campaign of its very own. We've posted the situation to our blogs, told the story to friends, business acquaintances, colleagues, our many afiliations, customers and families.  

Take us off your list, or pay our fee. Your choice.

Sincerely and With Great Loathing,



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