Mamma Mishaps Week

What's in the air? Who's punishing the family moms this week? Because it's getting out of hand.


In the last 7 days here's the short list of the crap that's gone down:

1. My mom had surgery.

2. My buddy Jen's mom (who's like a second mom to me) was admitted to the hospital.

3. Jen's step-mom went into the hospital and had surgery.

4. I broke my foot after a motorcycle crash.* 

5. The Varmint's mom went into the hospital in the middle of the night last night - and is STILL there. 

It's a bizarre set of happenings to all go down in one week, don't you think?

My head is spinning from it all, and the only thing I can think to do is to sit down, put on some soft music, get into posture, breathe deeply, chant OM ... and start slamming some brewskis.

Well, that or do what I did today and go for a marathon jungle trek deep into the superheated canyons of Penasquitos and risk dehydration, snake bite and mountain lion attack. Because THAT'S the kind of week we moms are having, apparently.

Special note to my sisters in law: Tina? Rachel? Wear your helmets, girlfriends. 

- - - - - - - -  

* Ok, I lie. I stepped out onto my patio and my ankle went wonky, and I fell, all gangly and appendages akimbo, onto our beautiful new cement. Naturally, I did this in front of my brother. Who laughed his ass off to the point of snorting - I think I can still hear him laughing, and he lives all the way in Santa Barbara. My only hope was that he'd take a big swallow and accidentally snort soda or wasabi up his sinuses, but unfortunately, there was neither to be had. I guess I have to wait for Daddies in Danger Week.



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