Mama's Little Helper

This is a new development that I'm really loving.

Yes, everything takes twice as long. Things may not be stirred quite as smoothly. And there is certainly a bit more of a mess to clean up.

But then you look down, and she's looking up at you with those big blue-green eyes and grinning and is so obviously feeling important and sure of herself and is just so excited to be there that none of that matters.

Cooking without my little buddy just feels like something's missing these days. 


  1. driver_on_56 said on July 8, 2008 11:30

    There was a van driving east on 56 today (7/8/08) with onegoodlife.com logo on the back. The driver was a male and apparently forgot the lesson about tailgating when he took the driving lessons. For a person with onegoodlife.com marked on his van/truck, he seemed to be in a real hurry to get somewhere (good??) that he was willing to hurt people to get there. Was oblivious to the fact the I could not get out of his highness's way because of traffic merging on the right lane. Was also oblivious to the fact that there was another car a few feet ahead of me and I HAD to keep extra distance just to compensate for this a(*&hole tailgating me.

    Anyway, I understand and have resigned to suffer rude people who forget manners and responsibilities while driving. Who think the road only exists for them to do 90mph and everybody is just "in the way".
    I also understand people who paint their business names and websites on their autos. Gets them more business. Good.
    But what kind of an idiot would advertise a website (www.onegoodlife.com in this case) and then proceed to act like an asshole on the road? Are you guys in business to piss people off?


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