Design by Micha - So Fashiony, It Hurts

This is my friend, Micha.

She's a super cool chick I've known since my Berlin days. She used to party with rock stars and famous people in Germany; she's been living here in Southern California more than a decade.

In true San Diego fashion, it's smoothed some of her spiky Euro-rough edges and "California"-ed her out, just a little. She is still a big city girl at heart, though - and is one of the happiest, most positive people you've ever met.

Turn-onShe had her own organizing business (now defunct), started her own jewelry business with Design by Micha (going gangbusters). Being German, she has no problem partying late into the night to promote her business, and herself - a feat which astounds me.

Anyway, before I got off on my tangent, I was talking about her work. As an artist. This is a woman with incredible design sense - she's totally at the forefront of modern fashion.

Beaded & Chained Medley'Smatter of fact, the girl's so fashion forward that she leaves me and my collection of archaic baubles in the dust. I am way too chicken to wear her stuff.

Maybe you know someone who would have the guts to wear an antique light switch cover as a necklace? I don't.

I'm still having to convince myself that wearing silver and gold at the same time won't make people laugh and point.

But seriously, if you know someone who would be interested in hosting a super cutting-edge jewelry party, or know a group of gals that would laugh at Silpada fare, preferring to rock the rock-n-roll, fashion-forward pretties such as this - pipe up. (Email micha at designbymicha.com)

You'll help a sister out and share the love. This is a gal who deserves her success.


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