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Scotty's 40th bash (7)

See this? This photo was just sent to us by a friend.

It details events that occurred prior to my arrival at a certain birthday party this past weekend. Where my fully dressed baby girl rolled around in a giant puddle, flapping, splashing, doing the worm - as the entire party looked on and cheered. I'm taking it as a cautionary tale: THIS is the sort of thing that happens when you leave The Varmint alone with your offspring and go wine tasting with the girls. 

You can then show up at said party where you've agreed to meet your husband, and see your 20-month-old running around the event naked - except for a diaper the size of a Hefty Bag, her face smeared with goo, covered head-to-toe in patio grime and looking more "street urchin" than "invitee." Just the way a toddler likes it.

For the record? I'm so not caring if our kid was "the" kid at this particular party: She was. It's cool. The way I see it, everyone's kid gets a turn.

And in my case - I need to reiterate this - while my husband may have different standards when it comes to things, like, um, hygeine and childcare, he's the reason that I had six solid hours with my girlfriends. Tasting wine. Eating gourmet food. Having a blast.

In my book? Totally. Worth. It.



  1. The Varmint said on June 2, 2008 18:01

    As the Varmint in charge this day I just want to say that prior to this photo I had spent the previous 75 long minutes being a complete "helicopter-dad" just to keep the Varmintling out of the pool. Then I blink for 2.5 seconds and she is rolling in the one muddy puddle in the whole place. I deserve a frickin' medal.


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