It's Business Time

If you haven't been lucky enough to see Flight of the Conchords do "Business Time," it is essential for you to do so, now.

There is an unfortunate side effect of watching "Business Time" and that is that when Business Time actually materializes, you sometimes can't help yourself, and you make jokes about it being Business Time.

And that would be unfortunate, because you would both be laughing. And you know what that means: Since one of you got a laugh, the other now naturally has to one-up that laugh. Because that is what you do. It is the Way of the Universe.

And pretty soon you are both laughing really hard, and making jokes about two minutes in heaven being better than one minute in heaven. But especially when one of you says in his best Barry White baritone, "It is SO business time, and baby, I'm your CEO - your Chief Executive of Orgasms."

In fact, you might just laugh so hard that water would shoot out your nose, and that would be very unfortunate indeed, because water shooting out one's nose is never very sexy. Plus, since it sort of hurts, that might effectively turn Business Time to Closing Time.

But that would be ok, because you'd have chocolate covered pretzels in the kitchen. And sitting and eating chocolate covered pretzels on your sofa and cracking up would be nearly as good as sex, anyway.


It would be really funny if something like that happened. 


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