Meet Norman

Yesterday, as we were getting ready to go shopping at Costco, Mak grabbed this as her traveling companion.

Before you go thinking anything you shouldn't, it was purchased for us as a shower gift by our friends Summer and Karl, from the San Diego Zoo.

It's a naked mole rat, which coincidentally happens to be the nickname of an ex-boyfriend of one of my closest girlfriends... Though I can assure you, the two are not related.

While Mak's got adorable stuffed doggies, fluffy raccoons, foxes, sweet little mice, cute kitties - you name it, she's probably got it - for whatever reason, she's into Norman, the naked mole rat.

While I realize that Norman looks like an uncircumcised penis with buck teeth - yes, I noticed the second looks when were at Costco - I'm holding my head high and maintaining an atmosphere of neutrality.

Let people give Norman the ol' doubletake, wonder 'Why's that lady letting her baby girl hug a stuffed pink schlong with squinty brown eyes and an overbite?'. You know what, Summer? I'm not going there. At least not until your little girl's about 9 years old, and I sew Norman a very special hula skirt made from an old afro wig.

For now, if it's the naked mole rat baby wants, it's the naked mole rat baby gets.

Funny. Come to think of it, my girlfriend used to say the exact same thing... Though I can definitely assure you, the two are not related.



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