Fantasy Swim

It's heating up in San Diego. You can feel the sizzle in the sidewalks.

Right now, it's pretty much perfect because the cool misty mornings keep everything to a very comfortable temperature. In the afternoons, however, our garden's zuchini leaves wilt as the heat kicks in - and so do I.  

And that's when I start to dream about the Roman Pool at Hearst Castle. That's the pool in this picture. I think about it all the time. As far as manmade structures and escapist thinking go, I'd have to say this is one of my favorite imaginary getaways.

Del Mar Beach_01Tomorrow, I'm heading to gorgeous Del Mar beach to soak up the sun and surf with family and friends for a real-life getaway; I guess as second choices go, it's not too shabby. And it's certainly an improvement over 50 degree days, black clouds, rain and springtime parka weather, as my Seattle friend Sally felt it necessary to point out, here.

I should probably stop talking now. I think I'll go sit in the shade with an ice-cold lemonade and cool off - before she tries to kick my ass. 


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