Mac'n with My Mak

Since I've switched to using a MacBook Pro from a PC laptop, things have been a lot more fun around here.

Including me.

Simply put, I no longer suffer from The Grumpies. (The Varmint actually calls them 'The Bitchies', but you know, I really feel that's unfair - mostly because the male equivalent - 'The Bastardies' - just don't have the same ring.)

You'd be grumpy too if you spent half of every day installing drivers, updating software, killing bugs or searching forums for solutions to inane PC issues when you have 1.5 hours to work before your kid wakes up. The difference that switching to Mac has made to my life is night and day. It's been remarkable.

Plus, there have been huge side benefits of making the change: Things like entertaining my wildly curious daughter are much easier.

She especially enjoys the iMovie function where she's looking at herself and/or her mommy or daddy on-screen. A lot. We blather and make faces. Sometimes, we even make little movies of it. Despite her tech-dork-in-training proclivities, however, there is still one thing she likes even better... milk. And there had better be zilch-o delay in getting it, sister. (See the movie, here.)


My kid has no problem letting you, me and that guy over there know exactly what she wants. Apparently, that's a good thing.

At least, that's what people keep telling me.




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