Take Your Kid to Work Day

Deb called this morning to congratulate me, in that rabble rousing way of hers, that I "had the day off." I snorted before I could stop myself.

Still, in a move I can only chalk up to delusional optimism, I opted to listen to her craziness - just in case there was some sort of motherhood loophole no one had told me about. I mean, a day off? Riiiight.

#1, I'm a parent.

#2, I'm self-employed.

#3, last time I checked, we didn't employ a butler.

Collectively, that means The Varmint's and my next day off will come sometime in 2026.

"Dude," chirps Deb, informatively, "It's take your daughter to work day!"

"What?" I reply, incredulous. "There's a day for that?" 

"Yeah. Greg took Sophie. I think you should tell The Varmint that's the deal - and then take the day off. No, better yet, I'll tell The Varmint. I'll call you right back -"


Mak_ChucksTie2_18mos"Uh, hello? Deb? No you'd better not.... hello? Hello?" 

Five seconds later, I hear the business line ring in the downstairs studio. Less than 30 seconds after that, I hear The Varmint guffawing.

"Uh, Deb?" I can hear his voice echoing up the hill, "perhaps I should remind you. At our house? Every day is take your daughter to work day." He then continues to snicker and hangs up.

I pretty much could have called that one, but what the hell. It was worth a shot.

So, after some consideration, I decide to make the most of it.

I grab the kid, and in between tickles and smooches, put her in her 'work gear' and trot her down to the studio office, to see Daddy and wreak a little chaos down in the Treehouse. We're giggling the whole way.

To his credit, as soon as he sees her, his face lights up.

"She's the cutest damn thing I've ever seen," and he proceeds to glow with the fervency of a million suns. "Make sure you get a picture. Those Chuck Taylors are awesome." And then, after a long last glance, he goes back to work.

I snap the picture, and think about the wonder and wonderfulness of the fact that, even when you work from home, it's still possible - likely, even - that you are going to miss your kid.





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