McLovin Strikes Again

He's a beautiful cat, isn't he? Meet McLovin (formerly known as Siegfried). 

We were forced to change his name when it became apparent that this cat will do ANYTHING for some lovin' - including dropping off precious gifts. But don't be fooled by those lovely green eyes. He's as deadly as he is handsome.

KittyGiftNo5Another word to the wise: Don't let your cat redecorate your patio.

McLovin likes the new area well enough, shaking his furry groove thing and stalking about as if he owned the place. Obviously, there just were not enough dead mice around. 

This particular offering is mouse gift #5. What? You don't find this sort of gift precious? Well, trust me, we don't either. But you're not thinking like a cat. To a cat, this is Godiva Chocolate. This is filet mignon. A fine chianti, even. All we can do is praise him, give him some Fancy Feast, and then bust out the rubber gloves and bleach sprayer.

There have been other gifts. A grasshopper the size of a paper airplane. A bird wing. A still wiggling lizard tail.  But the mice are the choice treats. After thinking about it, they are also lessons in devotion - and self control.

KittyGiftNo5_CloseupThe first one was really only half a mouse, chewed and bloody. The second was eviscerated, and missing a limb. The progression in feline restraint continued until what you see here - mouse #5 - has been given a nice dousing of cat saliva, but remains generally intact and mostly untouched.

That, people, is love. Suppressing a hunter's feline instincts is no easy feat.

So, nice job, McLovin. You're doing your part to rid the yard of pests. Organically, even. We appreciate that, even if it does make us throw up a little bit in our mouths.


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