Evicted by Her Parents

In a move calculated to rid himself of having to break down the container that once housed his designer toilet, our Neighbor to the North presented Makenna with her first official separate residence: a huge cardboard box.

The box sat outside for a bit, but then we caved and brought it, in all its enormousness, inside. We have since upgraded the box, punching holes for windows, taping the front flaps into an awning, and transforming the handhold punch-outs into not one but two separate mailboxes. Because she's THAT popular.

And perhaps because we've got way, way too much time on our hands, we also cut a circle in the top of the box and set in a heavy glass candleholder that makes for a very chic skylight. We put a cut-glass prismatic window decoration into that candleholder, shine a headlamp into it, and presto! Instant disco ball inside the box. We also lined the rough box edges with painter's tape, decorated the interior with cozy fleece blankets, two velvet pillows, a drink cup, and a snack box. 

Makenna likes it fine.

The Varmint and I, however, can be found halfway inside, long legs sticking out, munching Goldfish crackers and hiding out at regular intervals throughout the day.

I'm not sure what this says about our family, and its desperate desire for more space, but let's just say that the choice to get the patio concrete poured and ready for summer seems to have been a good one.

Our household could obviously use some more living space, and if it's the outside kind? Well, we'll take it, thankyouverymuch. Maybe we'll have to buy a dog house. You know. Even though we don't own a dog.


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