San Diego, Sunsets and Ticking Babies

Like so many locals before us, we've taken a vow: Start treating ourselves to tasty slices of San Diego, just as if we were tourists.

I'm not talking about getting into our bikinis in the dead of winter, driving 55 in the fast lane, wearing baseball caps sideways, appearing charmingly stiff in buttoned-up collars, gesturing wildly at street corners, demanding which way to the beach or staring dumbfounded at actual residents of the city as if we were extensions of a zoo exhibit. (As in, "Look Mabel, it's a real California family! How do they do it with mortgages like that?!")

TakMakWindansea_120107I'm talking about getting out and into things. Taking the ferry to Coronado. Visiting the Star of India. Strolling through the MOPA in Balboa Park, taking the trolley to eat canolis in Little Italy, or hiking the Wild Animal Park. 

Usually, these vows slip sideways in the same way as a New Year's Resolution does around February 1st. So far, though, we're hanging in there. 

MakennaMommy_Windansea_1201I blame the kid for our sudden stick-to-it-iveness. It's fun to see her ignoring the gorgeous sunset in favor of kicking sand, rolling a seaweed bulb between her fingers or using her runny nose as hard candy. She's everywhere and no place. As long as she's got room to move, she's sunshine and puppydogs. Try to stick her back into the car seat, and she's a spitting, twisting cobra hell-bent on tearing out your larynx.

So we're encouraged to meander. To soak up the sights. To stall as long as possible.

So we took our time. Wallowed in this stunning sunset. Breathed in the saltyWindansea2_120107 air and listened to the thundering waves of Windansea. We took pictures, and because we were out and experiencing our city, we were rewarded with perfect photographic conditions. It was one of the best days I've ever had. Simple, but fantastic, spending time with two great people, eating great food, hanging out.

And then, when it was all over, we Ro-Sham-Boed for who was stuck strapping the snapping greased weasel into the torturous confines of her demonic, needle-lined car seat. And I won.

Yes. It was a very, very good day. 



  1. The New Yorker said on January 15, 2008 16:13

    All the leaves are GONE, and my skies are grey, California dreaming, on a January day...


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