Two Cougars and Their Prey

Remember when all of your friends were getting married - for the first time - and it seemed like every year you were invited to a wedding or three? Back then, most of the people I knew loved weddings because they were prime hunting grounds for that elusive prey - the unattached, single hottie.

Fast forward 15 years. Some friends are still married. Some are on their second go-around. Some are single and sad about it, others are relieved. Everyone's got a few more lines around their eyes. The fellas are getting shinier and we're all a little thicker in spots we wish we weren't. But the hunt goes on.

These days, I hear prime pickin's are thin. And the choicest hunting ground is no longer the rare wedding - but a costume party. Which, when you think about it, 1) is exactly the same thing as getting dressed up for a wedding, only the costumes are a bit more jovial and 2) makes perfect sense: It's way more fun to be someone else for a night when you've already spent half your life being who you are.

So, when my pal Jenny and I were invited to the 40th Birthday Costume Party of our crazily creative, piano-playin' pal JD and his hilarious, artist-wife Azul, and we learned it was a costume thing, we were stoked. There'd be prime people-watching. The theme? Your Vision of Being 40.

TwoCougarsTwoVictimsApparently, our vision is warped. Everyone else at the party was beautifully, elegantly dressed in vintage 1940s attire. THIS is what we looked like >>

The Varmint immediately decided he was going to his fall-back costume character: The Still-Single, Arrested Development 1970s Swinger Dude. The hair? Oh god. The hair. The wig he wears is disgusting and yet the hottest thing ever - in that UK Rock Star sort of way. He absolutely walks that edge between revulsion and attraction, perfectly embodying the greatest used car salesmen, politicians and Peter Pan bachelors of the world. And he does it all while wearing polyester. 

Me? Well, Jenny and I went as Botox-slinging, Valium-popping cougars. Jen even made invites to a Botox party for us to hand out to people.

Dixie WentworthThe party was a blast, with great live music and fun all around. I had a built-in victim/prop with The Varmint, and channeling Cabana Chat's Dixie Wetsworth (that's her, on the left), spent the entire evening employing my wily cougar ways to sink my claws into that toothsome little rabbit whenever his polyester rustled.

Good times, baby, good times. 




  1. Jen said on January 4, 2008 20:10

    A big "Thank You" from 40 Man, aka JD Boucharde


  2. JD said on August 6, 2008 02:55

    I never saw this-- LOVE IT! You guys were awesome that night. Let's all get together soon. . . !!



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