Real Varmints Eat Quiche

I've been trying this new thing where every Saturday morning, I make a serious breakfast - usually a hot dish, fresh strong coffee, and a smoothie.

Today, I opted for quiche with gouda-stuffed apple chicken sausage, roasted peppers, organic veggies and pepper jack and cheddar cheese. We scored extra large eggs fresh from a local farm, and every single one of them was a double-yolker.

There isn't much that will lurch The Varmint from bed, still foggy and half-dead, swaddled in that vampire-like fugue state the rest of us call sleep. But baked goods will do it.

His twitching nose and rumbling stomach send fervent signals to the reptilian part of his Varmint brain. His legs kick out, his feet plop down, and before you know it, he's standing in his boxer shorts and tube socks in front of the oven, scratching his butt and grunting dumbly while pointing at the food.

Usually, I hand him his coffee and watch the slow metamorphosis from erectus to sapien. Today, I grabbed the camera.

And wouldn't you know it? That other primitive part of the brain, the specialized Varmint part, kicked right in: Hambonicus Maximus.


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