Letters to Makenna: 13 Months Old

Dear Makenna,

It's been awhile since mommy wrote her monthly letter to you, but I've been a little busy. You're very hard to keep up with these days. And as any mommy who gives a whoop about working, eating and household hygeine will tell you, the whole mommy thing doesn't leave much room for anything else.

You are 13 months old, and in the four months since I last wrote to you, there has - as anyone might expect - been a rather seismic shift in your abilities. The biggest changes are in the talking and walking universes.

You now directly address anyone and anything who will listen with your demands and general observations. Sometimes they are clear, as with "MOMMY UP!" (translation: 'Please pick me up immediately, or your eardrums will be sacrificed.') or "KITTY!" (translation: 'Look! There's that little bastard again!') or "BABY!" (translations: 'Mine!' or 'I want out!' or 'Give it!' or 'Hurry up!' or 'I am glorious - worship me!'). Sometimes, not. While everything you say obviously makes perfect sense to you, we're still learning. Forgive us.

Makenna_12mos_101007You'll notice everything you say is in all capitals and has exclamation points. That's how you talk. I've been told by Auntie Deb to pretty much expect that until the day you move out.

Your vocabulary increases daily. You've got down: mommy, daddy, kitty, cookie, o's, me, up. You've said 'high five!' once, and unless I'm trying to show someone, you even love to smack palms.

You understand much more than you say, and can even help when asked - such as when mommy needs "help" emptying and/or closing the dishwasher or refrigerator (usually you're bawling as you're "helping" to push the doors closed, because even though you're helping, you also want them open so you can pull everything out). You also help push your highchair out to the living room, where we plunk you ceremoniously three times a day and ply you with huge helpings of food. 

Makenna_13mos_111407_BackyaYou, my little snarfer, are a chow hound. I say that with great delight. You love your food, feed yourself (three cheers for finger food!) and are a huge fan of the fruit: grapes are worth their weight in gold and a ripe pear spear will keep you transfixed. You eat everything. Chicken curry, fresh spinach, bourbon milkshakes. You found a chocolate covered pretzel on the ground the other day and fought like a lion cub with a baby gazelle to keep your prize. Your face was even smeared with choco-blood from ear to ear.

Makenna_11mos_InTheTubeYou still nurse like a champ, both for between-meals snacks and for comfort. You holler, crawl into my lap, yank open my shirt, lean back and start guzzling while combing your toes through my hair. (The toes through the hair thing? Not optional. You'll push my head to the side, toes a-twitching, to cut loose my ponytail.) A solid 10 minutes of sucking and hair-twirling later, you'll lie back with your stomach distended, sigh contentedly, pause, then push off ("Mommy who?") usually to continue dragging your silver chain bling across the hardwood floors. Sometimes, you toss it up around your neck, like a shawl and prance around. Baby loves her bling.

You're into all of our cabinets, and this week discovered how to get into the cereal boxes, besides. That was fun. 

Makenna_13mos_HalloweenWe had Halloween last month. You briefly wore an adorable plush rabbit costume. Little did we know the interior was fully lined with cactus quills. By the time we got over to Ethan's and Sophie's house you forgot all about it, and resolutely accepted your Varminthood.

Nekkers is preferred over diapers in Makennaville. Unfortunately, yours is a sensitive tush: Once you touch down, it's an instant rashy replay in the end zone.

We dance a lot. Arms outstretched, swinging full-body side-to-side, grinning fiercely. Usually, you bounce up and down. We're convinced you learned your moves from the Funkytown dancing turtle. (You can blame your Auntie Jen when it's prom time.) Mozart is your favorite. Reggae and R&B are the runner-ups.

Makenna_12mos_Jogging_10150We hug. Sweet, deep, looooong, head-tucked into parental shoulder, grippy, loving hugs. Mommy thinks of these while wiping banana goo from her sofa, TV screen, walls, floors, hair and clothes.

Whatever the experts say, you love your videos - especially during mealtime. We dance and laugh and clap together and you're positively captivated. Jakers! has replaced Teletubbies as your program du jour - but Baby Einstein beats out all.

Shoes and socks. We try to put them on, just like Daddy and Mommy, but it doesn't quite work... that doesn't mean we stop trying, though.

Pillowface is a new game. We flop in the big bed, head-first into the pillows, cackling like a crazy lady and waiting for everyone else to do the same. It's good fun. When we get really excited, our butt hikes into the air and we flip over.

Outside? So. Much. Better. 

Are you an architect in the making? You love your little buildings playsets. Currently on the 'Hot List': 1) The Little People Farm Playset, 2) Dragon Castle and 3) The 3 Little Pigs' Houses (comes complete with a Big Bad Wolf). We open all the doors, then close 'em. What's inside now? How bout now? Repeat 500 times. 

Makenna_10.5mos_ClappingRedAhoy, Drama Queen! Sailing the seas of cheese, you are our very own little Joan Crawford. Want something and can't have it? Prostrate yourself! Boo hoo loudly! Pause every now and then to peek sneakily up with one eyeball - "Is anybody watching me?!" - continue. Repeat.

Makenna_13mos_EatingLikeKitYou watch our adopted kitty Siegfried eat. You copy. Eating on all fours is fun!

Just so's you knows, your Mommy and Daddy were watching a movie together last night, when it came time for dessert (crip cookies with a dollop of ice cream, if you must know...). During the pause, your Mommy felt an overwhelming rush of warmth and said to your Daddy, "You know what? I absolutely love being a mom."

"I know!" replied your Daddy. "It's like an entirely new door opened in my life that I never knew was there. There's just so much more love!" 

"Totally," I beam at him.

"Totally," he beams back.

"Don't even think about touching my ice cream," I say, as his hand reaches forward.  (Beautiful, touching moment or no, no man touches my ice cream and lives to tell about it. I have a strange feeling you'll be able to relate someday.)

Anyway, that should catch us up a bit. Love you babycakes.








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