San Diego Wildfires

It's been a rough haul here in San Diego.

The fires roared through the county leaving the skies filled with stinking ash and thick smoke that burned throats and eyes - as well as people's houses and mile after mile of thriving natural landscape.

Mom had the prescience to travel to see her other grandkids in Santa Barbara. Her timing couldn't have been better - both for her lungs and for the fact that her house became an oasis for three evacuated families, including double evacuees Christy and Ant and their kids - good friends of The Varmint and mine. 2007Fires_EvacuationWhatNex(They headed west to Del Mar from their home Penasquitos early Monday, then had to evacuate again later that night from Del Mar.) Mom's place sheltered 11 people in all, 50 birds, several snakes, a lizard or two and one very bewildered dog.

Meanwhile, our Poway pals Cindy and Chris and Scott and Kristi jumped in their RVs and smartly popped down to Mission Bay to ride out the firestorm camping-style. After cabin fever became too much to bear, The Varmint, Mak and I set out, lungs bedamned, to visit them at the bottom of our hill and say hello.

2007Fires_SunsetLuckily, at the end of the ordeal, everyone had a house to go home to. The problem is, we all know others who were not so fortunate.

If nothing else, it's a quick cure for the "Grass-is-Always-Greener" Complex: After all, pretty much any shade of green is better than charcoal.


  1. Bare Bones Gardener said on October 30, 2007 01:13

    My prayers are with you guys. With living in an area that also cops bushfires. And having lived through a couple myself.

  2. The New Yorker said on November 7, 2007 17:28

    I was sad to see my "happy place" getting torched, but glad to hear all my Left coast peoples are well. Now catch the creeps who started it and send 'em this way...


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