Birthday Party Numero Uno

She arrived with her own personal attendants, was festooned with as-yet untold treasures, lauded for her preciousness, sung to, hand-fed only the choicest morsels, given chocolate and carried about in the arms of strapping young men. She was cooed to, gushed over, smiled at, complimented, entertained. The smallest protest from her lips and she was attended to graciously and with haste. People and children ate, drank and made merry all about her and she looked at them beatifically, confidently, delighted in their pleasure.

2007_MaksParty_BabysFirstCakeAh, to be one again. For most of us, there will never again be a party like that first one. (Well, at least not for those of us whose 2007_MaksParty_CakeFingername isn't Paris Hilton.)

Instinctively, Mak seemed to know this. Toward the end of the party, exhausted and drowsing, she finally succumbed to a two-hour nap. The guests departed and we began clean-up.

When she awoke, she signaled that she wanted to be put down, and bee-lined at her speed-crawl pace across the living room, for Nana's patio. That's where the party had been.

2007_MaksParty_CakeGoesforCuttinWhen she got there, the surprise and disappointment on her face at no one being there was clear. She sat back, looked around, then turned around and said plaintively to the three of us staring at her - her Nana, Uncle John and Mama, "Bweef bwaa goo gla bwa?!"

"They're gone, Baby," I said to her gently as I picked her up. "Everybody go night-night."

2007_MaksParty_FirstCakeandCandlAt that, she cried a little, til Uncle John hugged her and began swooping her through the air to distract her.

Can't say as I blame her for being sad. Welcome to the Post-party Blues, sweetie. One minute, the world is your party. The next, you wake up alone and in the dark.

Welcome to life lesson numero uno, kid.

2007_MaksParty_CakeHappyMakThe good news? Ask your grandma or nana to reread that first paragraph up there to you again. As far as I can tell, that pretty much describes your everyday life for the next several years, courtesy of Mama, Daddy, Nana, Gamma and Gampa.

Happy Birthday, peanut. We love you. 



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