Mom's Makeover

Today was makeover day at Chez Varmint, and today's victim (in keeping with the theme of the last two weeks) was Mom.

I figure that after all the crap appointments getting needles in the eye and arms, tubes in the lungs, being poked, prodded, sampled and inspected that it might be time for a kinder, gentler kind of appointment. The kind you look forward to going to. Time for the hairdresser.

Mom's a big fan of being thrifty - to the point of where she'll grunt like plow-ox, bend over and pick up a gum-coated penny from the floor of a public restroom with a gleam in her eye that shouts, "Some poor sucker dropped it, AND NOW IT'S ALL MINE!"

That explains the trips to Supercuts and Fantastic Sam's, and the sorry state of hair affairs that you're about to see. So speaketh the Fashion Police.

Also, it should be noted: The transformation you're about to see is the direct result of more than a thousand hours of nagging, and is proof positive that sometimes, the power of relentless pestering pays off. 































Not bad eh? Yeah, my hair chick rocks. And mom's got some natural hottie attributes.

But still. Those lame-o makeover shows have nothing on us. As millions of men suffering from coyote arm will attest, it's amazing what a decent haircut and little bit of makeup can do.




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