Here's to Doing Your Own Thing

For all the squinting and whining about turning 40 in less than a month, I have to say that if I think hard enough, there are some good things about it.

One of the biggest is that you see people you really dig changing their lives. They're junking their crappy old jobs and starting up exciting new phases of life. These are the people who handle their midlife crises in constructive, healthy ways - acting as living examples to the rest of us.

(The rest of us being people whose midlife crises have found alternative outlets, such as sitting on our sofas, chowing bags full of Trader Joe's Chocolate-Dipped Coconut Macaroons and growling heatedly at anyone whose hand comes too near the bag.) 

Dusty_TrainFoobinOne prime example of good 40-ness is our friend Dusty. He's started up a brand-new company, rides his mountain bike to work regularly, works out, and cooks like a chef for his exhausted, child-worn friends. Another thing? He listens. And he always has something positive to say.

When I write it all down like that, it's rather nauseating, actually.  But I'm giving D-dog a shout out here on One Good Life, because he's the real deal: If you're in San Diego and need a home inspection, he really is the man to call. 

But also, because he's been selected to be just the fourth recipient ever of a Varmint Twin. Lucky dog! Or woodchuck. Whatever.

That's another entry, for another day.

For now, it's just a hearty congratulations to Dusty both for managing his midlife with panache and on launching Sims & Company! Long may your tail wag.




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