Dear John - Revenge is Mine

Dear John,

It was really great to see you this past weekend! Thanks for coming down, hanging out and supporting the family through a tough time. You're the best.

I'm also glad we managed to find some time to hang out. My favorite parts of your visit were the three hour hike of Torrey Pines, and the never-ending shopping quest for Charger gear. I had such a good time that all of that pesky "I'm-holding-your-kid's-favorite-stuffed-animal-for-ransom" thing? Consider it forgotten. Just totally, totally forgotten.

By the way, did I mention I found the wonderful gift you left for me in the backseat of my car, under the passenger seat?! The Charger shirt fits me perfectly! I can't believe how thoughtful you are. Thank you so much!

With Love,

Your Sister

PS - I will let you know if I find that other Charger shirt you asked about - the one you bought for your kid.

PPS - Oh, and thanks for the new cell phone charger... But it doesn't quite fit my phone. Do you mind if I exchange it? 



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