Better Than Caffeine

Yesterday was Friday, but definitely not the TGIF-kind. It was more like ACIF - Aw, Crap It's Friday.

My mom, whose various diverse personalities are also known respectively as The Kansas Farmgirl, The Opera Diva and Madame Cluck-Cluck, was gravely under the weather last week.

I can't go into detail for fear of being burned by the business end of The Opera Diva's over-long gold cigarette holder - I can already hear her stony voice: "My health is a private matter, and certainly not for your amusement."

But considering the past week's stress and worry, I feel it is fair to say that holder should be snapped in two, crushed beneath a boot heel and it's contents flushed down the toilet. Permanently.

Yesterday was the culmination of these events, and occasioned my brother traveling solo to be with us from Santa Barbara, The Varmint's mom Pat heroically swooping in to watch the kid, a hospital visit, a tricky procedure and waiting with puckered backsides while certain results came back from the operating room. 

As my brother and I waited, we ate and had some coffee. He read the paper. I tried to talk with him since I rarely see him, but was met with disinterested grunting and a rather pointed shifting of the buttocks and rattling of the paper. He was all man-ostrich, burying himself headfirst into the sports section, and not coming up 'til the doctor said so. I was hoping for a call from The Varmint, but he's been stuck deeply head-down with work.

So I sat. And waited. And felt like a lost five-year-old, all dangly-legged and trying vainly to distract myself from the heart-in-throat and icy-stomach feelings galloping inside me, totally out of control. I wished badly I had someone to talk to. To distract me.

And that's when my phone rang. And it was Deb.

The conversation lasted about 30 seconds, and included a toddler hollering himself hoarse in the background,  but in that moment, it was everything I needed. 

Girlfriends. They always come through when you need 'em. And sometimes when they don't even know it. 

Within a couple of hours, the doctor came through with good news. And while it isn't over, we were all able to heave a sigh of relief - and a little rush of thankfulness for the important things we so rashly assume to be fixtures in our daily lives.


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