A Year Ago Today

One year ago yesterday, after 20+ hours of labor and with The Varmint and Deb standing next to me, the best thing in my life popped out of my very own innards and said hello.

This picture's from the day after that day - exactly one year ago today.

The pics from Mak's actual birth date are treasured, but just too gross to publish. No, we're not talking about birthing shots or anything like that. And the baby was a beauty.

No, the hideousness was all me: I looked like some tranny combination of Nick Nolte, Marlon Brando and Jabba the Hut. Puffy. Wrinkled. Disheveled. Used up. Call me vain, but I doubt there's a woman alive who'd like pictures of herself post-partum published for the world to see. And before you go arguing with me on that point, try pooping a minivan from your nethers and then see how you feel about it.

Anyway. Here's to Makenna, for bringing all the extra love and laughs into our lives. You are a delight - and hot damn do your mommy and daddy love you.

(Yes, even when we're sleep-deprived and coated with poop. Let that be a lesson to you. It'll be your turn soon enough!)


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