Santa Barbara Bung-tacular

This peaceful moment - of the cousins all chillin' in the tub as my sister-in-law Rachel and I looked on - was the best and briefest part of my nephew's birthday weekend. 

Moments later my kid would cry out as she unleashed a submariner of shocking size. A sumo wrestler would have been proud. Rachel had the balls to grab it, barehanded, and throw it in the toilet. For that alone, I am awestruck by her mothering skills. 

Bathtime was suddenly, utterly OVER as everyone scrambled from the tub at light speed. We grabbed the kids and the toys, corraled the kids in the bathroom and started to disinfect the toys in the sink as the tub drained, cackling hysterically as the kids were maniacally shouting "Poo-poo! Poo-poo in the bathtub! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Mak_Kaio_Bathtub2_10mosRachel yells at me to open the sliding window to allow in some fresh air which I try to do, but the paint is stuck, so I pull harder and then the whole window pops out, landing with a deafening crash on the brick walkway below.

Everybody freezes and stares open-mouthed at one another. Then we all laughed so hard we were bent double. I actually started crying.  

From there, the weekend really did go to shit.

My poor little niece got chicken pox and sent mom, Mak and me reeling to a hotel. My nephew was devastated as his birthday party was eventually canceled due to his getting stomach flu. Before the weekend was over, we'd deal with poop, barf, blood and pustules - all culminating in a giant blowout of epic proportion.

Still. We'll always have that great moment in the bathtub, right before my kid decided to unleash the Kraken. (Again.)

You never know what's going to happen when you have kids... You gotta ride along, hope for the best, and if you've got it in you - love every minute of it.

That said, even on my best day, I still don't think I'll ever be able to barehand a Mr. Hankey.  



  1. ubermegan said on August 17, 2007 08:48

    This is the best part of your weekend saga, I can't believe you didn't tell me about it before managing to get it posted! Tears are rolling down my cheeks, and you have truly made today bearable.


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