Rockin' The Black Socks

Why why why why why do men do this?

There should be some sort of law against the black sock, worn in any form, without pants and/or shoes covering them for more than 30 seconds (and certainly NEVER in sandals). I'm talking about a law in addition to the law of nature, which apparently doesn't wield much in the way of controlling such behavior.

UghDaddyIn my book, the black sock thing puts the ultra-comfy granny panty to shame. At least one rarely ever sees the granny panties, but The Fellas? The Fellas are genetically predisposed to loving their black socks. I've not met a man yet who, once he was comfortable with me, didn't rock this look once the doors were closed. It's the male equivalent of letting one's hair down.

While it says something that The Varmint's sheer animal magnetism can almost pull off this look, I think Baby Mak's expression succinctly sums up Everywoman's reaction to this fashion faux pas: "Bleah!"



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