No, no. Not Mak. Charlie the Turtle. And worse? Sacha la Chat!

Will the horrible, horrible repercussions of that evil weekend in Santa Barbara never end?

So, I send my brother the following email missive:

- - - - - - -  

Hey John,

Do you guys have Sacha, Makenna’s orange kitty or Charlie the Sea Turtle there? We can’t find either and she’s been asking for them.


Your Sister

Sacha_KidnapVictim- - - - - - -

Innocent enough, right? It might even melt your heart a little - if you had one. Here's his reply:

- - - - - - -

Hi Tam,

We have not seen the defectors, but if we do it will then become a hostage situation requiring ransom payment for safe return.

Your Brother

- - - - - -

The rat! I don't what pisses me off more - that he didn't find Sacha or Charlie, that if he does he will hold them hostage, or that his mind might actually be as evil, and his joke perhaps better than my own.

I may have underestimated him. Perhaps my brother has earned an upgrade to arch nemesis, after all...

I'll have to keep my eye on him from now on.




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