Turns out the defectors were not actually kidnapped, but runaways who were captured and returned.

We're not sure what caused the sudden departure - after all, Sacha and Charlie have got it pretty good here at Chez Varmint: A rent-free roof over their heads. A nice place to sleep. A baby who loves them...

Perhaps the incessant gnawing of their extremities became too much? Maybe they developed an allergy to baby drool?

I'm pretty sure it was the temptation of a hot night on the prowl, two swingin' singles living la vida loca and catting around in Santa Barbara that did it. I mean, they had their own hotel room - how many stuffed animals can say THAT?

Whatever their reasons, the stowaways were found hiding under the bed in the hotel room. Like a furry Bonnie & Clyde, they were trying to avoid the maid. The pair was discovered, stuffed into a lonely lost and found box and shipped straight back to San Diego under the worst of conditions: The arrived cramped, hot and wrinkled - but arrive they did - to the delighted, toothy welcome of Miss Makenna Kay.

So, welcome home guys. We're very glad to have you back - but you should know that the next time you think about an unauthorized road trip, you will become dog toys for Snoop, the next-door neighbors' boxer. If you were anatomically correct, we'd have had you neutered for your impertinence.

So play nice, and consider yourselves warned.


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