Our Seattle See-Gawk

Maybe it was the thought of flying with a baby that did it, or the waist-high pile of work sitting atop my desk, but I must confess that the idea of hitting the vacation circuit for a week-long sojourn to the soggy skies of Seattle wasn't very appealing.  The ramp-up to departure was sweaty and trying in a way I haven't felt since moving into a 500-square-foot house with Jenny, The Territorial Tyrant. And trust me, THAT WAS BAD.

Seattle_TheProphetSpeaks_07The best part of the 1200-mile flight? When our exhausted and overwraught kid finally went to sleep.We traveled at night to minimize the possibility of plane crash from sonic assault. For the most part, it worked, with our kid hitting the pulpit and addressing her captive flock only a few times during the flight (see pic, right). She then crumpled into an exhausted heap into the seat between us. The power o' the healin' will do that to a young'un.

Seattle_SalMakTam_PioneerSqThe other reason I was sweating the trip was that we were staying with The Sallivator - she of the magazine-perfect designer furniture and chic minimalist aesthetic.The good news is that it all worked out fine; she and the kid danced atop the hammered-steel coffeetable together. That meant my body wasted a perfectly good bout of nerve-induced diarrhea on nothing. On a positive note, I did shed an extra couple of pounds before vacation.

By the time we visited our other friends, I was feeling pretty damned glad to be away on holiday. Many members of our San Diego group have been sucked into the Seattle Vortex. The great-paying jobs at companies like Microsoft combined with fathomable real estate prices are like a siren song to the young, technologically savvy and employable. We had lots of great people to visit, including dear friends Amy and Mike. They're now expecting a second son. Our pal Adam is traveling the world - though he gives clams everywhere a bad name for being such blabbermouths. 

[Side note to Adam: OH MY GOD, dude! It is OK to talk about your life with friends - especially when they ask about it! I swear we actually WERE interested. And in case you were worried, I wouldn't post a thing about the sizzling state of your love life on this blog, but now? .. We're outing you as a member of that super-secret Jewish Fraternity you mentioned. Or as a member of the CIA. Whichever. There can be no other reason for withholding the 4-1-1 with such twinkly-eyed ferocity. You doof.]

Seattle_ShanMakHurleys_0714I also got to meet The Varmint's old roommate Hurley. One of the highlights for me was asking him what The Varmint was like in college. His succinct response: "Uh, sort of a super-smart stoner and wanna-be punk." That one made my week.

We did a few requisite tourist things: The Underground Tour rocked. The new Sculpture Garden was amazing. We went and visited the Locks. 

Seattle_MakRoxy_071607However, the love affair between Sal's dog Roxy and Makenna might have been my favorite thing about the trip. That huge dog would look plaintively at us while my kid grabbed her tail, stuck her finger up her nose, tugged her soft floppy ears - but remained protective and cuddly with her the entire time. In the end, she was rewarded, because Mak finally learned how to pet her properly and really enjoyed stroking her soft fur. Roxy'd just lean into it, as blissed out as a Leary-lover in the midst of a two-day bender.

Seattle_ViewfromSalsHouse_0The walks with Sal, Roxy and Mak all over beautiful Eastlake, snapping pix of killer architecture and dreaming about what The Varmint and I will do to our place were also awesome, as was the food, the coffee, the barbecue and the weather. The occasional Mommy-soothing cocktail wasn't bad, either.

All in all? A pretty sweet tour!





  1. dex said on July 26, 2007 00:09

    Leave Adam alone! We Secret Society types have to stick together.



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