Letters to Makenna: Nine Months

Dear Makenna,

As I write this, you are on the floor of our bedroom, emptying out my bikini drawer and shrieking at the top of your lungs. In other words, it's just another day.

Your 9 month vitals as of June 25, 2007:

Height: 27.5 (50th percentile)
Weight: 18 lbs. 11 oz. (25th to 50th percentile)
Head: 46 (90th percentile)

This has been a very big week for you. A few notables:

1. You have nearly mastered the art of the "feet first" get-down. You do this easily from the lofty perch of our bed. Not so easily from the less-lofty sofa. Must be a geographical thing.

BabyMak_CarSeat_9mos2. You are asking for stuff. Previously it was a vague, shrieky demand with high notes of desperation and frustration. Only now? It's more specific. For example:

    a. "Milk Now" - Fling oneself horizontal to The Mommy, with staccato "Hu-hah, hu-hah" and mouth open wide.

    b. "Carry Me" - Pull hard on Mommy, Daddy or Grandma pants and yell "Aaauguuugugugughhh!" Bonus points if pants come down.

    c. "Gimme Some" - Stare at food. Stare at Mommy. Stare at food. Stare at Mommy. Pretend to chew. Repeat. If ignored, throw in a few "Waaah-hah!"s.

3. While a longtime pro at standing up with a hand-hold, you are now starting to stand while holding nothing - if only for a few seconds. You do the little dance I like to call The Herky-Jerky Penguin. Plus, you can now walk and push a toy car - good practice for when you buy yourself your first real one.

4. You are opening and closing drawers, doors, lids, cabinets. You like rummaging in garbage cans. You especially like the bathroom. *siiiiiiiiiiigh* Please don't make this a career choice.

BabyMak_MamaPool_4thofJuly5.  You will only be diapered standing up. I'll. Say. No. More.

6. Cuddling. You're into it.

7. Swinging. You're really into it.

8. Desert Island. You're really, REALLY into it. What's Desert Island? You: "The Castaway" in the middle of the bed. Mommy: "The Shark" stomping around the perimeter. Occasionally, The Shark comes in for a tickle/belly-fart kill. You go absolutely berserk, flopping around in the middle of the bed, shouting and giggling madly.

9.  Teeth: You've now got a mouthful. For awhile there, you were going a little hillbilly, what with your lower two bunny chompers fully in and the upper set missing - with the exception of your canines. Luckily "yee-haw!" has turned to "awwww!" with 8 teeth in, and all nicely symmetrical. Despite all odds, you've evolved nicely.

BabyMak_PianoDuetGrandpa_9m10. You've got lovely and delicate eye-hand coordination. You will slowly and carefully put your forefinger right through the little Cheerio-hole ... with ... each ... and ... every ... Cheerio. I've never been happier that I don't own a cat.

11. You love your Funkytown. Vinny the Turtle sings Funkytown and does a little dance. Within you, apparently, beats a mighty disco heart. You howled in outrage when his batteries went dead. "DANCE, VINNY. DANCE!"

 BabyMak_Pool2_9mos12. Other stuff:

- You smile delightedly whenever you see someone you like.

- You look deeply pensive when exploring something new and are very hard to distract.

- You have clearly said many words: Beach. Book. Daddy. Some repetitively. So far, only Mama is said with any consistency. 

- You clap and fling your hands over your head, rollercoaster style when you're happy.

- You're seemingly starting to dance - especially when you "DJ" at your music station.

- You have started, on rare but welcome occasion, to ask to be put to sleep. As Daddy says, "This is a new thing I really, really like." Sometimes you'll even sleep up to 2 hours.

- You're a good eater. Lots of different food. Lots of requests for milk. Always winding up with a deep, satisfied sigh and a grin.

BabyMak_GrandmaJ_9mosSo, that is the nine-month synopsis. This is a really great time, and I'll be damned if you don't just get cuter and more fun each and every day. Your dad and I have never been happier.

Thanks for choosing us, kid. 

Love You,




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